Finding a currency symbol for Safecoin


Haha true. But the point is that it’s not a national currency; the standard states that the first 2 letters must come from the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes, and that X was chosen for non-national currencies because no country code can start with an X by this other standard.

It’s forward thinking to use an abbreviation that would not need to be revised if or once this currency becomes mainstream. Others who decided this way: Ripple (XRP), NEM (XEM), Monero (XMR), Stellar (XLM).

By the way, SC could be the “localized” version / symbol belonging to the XSC “official” abbreviation, just like HK$ stands for HKD.


As @4safe pointed out, SC is in use by Siacoin so @dallyshalla

…is it a good idea to use SC for Safecoin in SafeX?

Yep confused… the X currency standard you linked to states:

ISO 4217 provides codes for “supranational” currencies, procedural purposes, and several things which are “similar to” currencies


A supranational union is a type of multinational political union where negotiated power is delegated to an authority by governments of member states.

So by that lot, Safecoin does not fit into those confines and why would we want to. Isn’t SAFE setting up a new way…those guys should be thinking about fitting into the new way of doing business, not the other way around.

If we cant get behind SAFE in something as simple as it’s ‘currency’ denotation…how we gonna let this freak flag fly man, we gonna be answering to the man yo :pouting_cat:


Yes it is, what’s siacoin?? what’s coin marketcap .com anyway?


So you’ll be offering a SC/SC cross rate :slight_smile:


SC/SIA isn’t that a singer by the way?? we can adjust siacoin to SIA


Is there a technical reason, maybe on the FIX side that prevents SafeX from breaking from convention with asset naming?

I get the feeling your shooting for an inter-exchange setup, where SafeX integrates into the wider market.


The hash of the Asset, So actually even if SC is for Safecoin and SC is for SIA coin we can differentiate with the hash at creation time


Ahem … Scotcoin logo

GetyerdirtygraspinghaunsaffmalogoyaweewannabeGloucestershirenyaff - which translated from the Ayrshire demotic means “I’m most terribly sorry , old bean but we appear to have dibs on that. Dashed shame, what?” :wink:


Thanks for the explanation…it seems you are going to force the hand of Sia to change if they want to list on SafeX, having 2 SC trading makes no sense for the user, if even if technically feasible.

And if your going to stick to your guns on SC as the denote for Safe, then for all practical purposes the debate here for anything else is effectively over.

Will you be utilizing the Safecoin logo or a derivative thereof on the platform…otherwise, I’m not sure what we have it for.

In the attached (classy) depiction of Safecoin, if the S and C were somehow highlighted, it would fit with your convention.

I actually dont care if the Safecoin logo is easy to draw or not represented on the keyboard or within an OS (SafeOS yes)…a competition was held for it and your intial support for it as the token/currency/asset symbol for SC would be a confirmation the money was well spent.

Some new folk on here, were probably not aware of the competition or the logo itself…it looks great…I would be proud as a SAFE business to have that logo on my stationary…it’s free for everyone to use and a binding symbol for the pioneers building on SAFE.


Well it could be SF / XSF then, as I first wrote :scream_cat:

That’s not quite the standard, only Wikipedia’s interpretation. Nevertheless, I hope you realize “supranational currencies” is only one item on that list; I’m pretty sure Safecoin would fit well into the “several things which are ‘similar to’ currencies” category :smirk_cat: I’m also sure gold, platinum, etc are also not supranational currencies, but “similar things.”


If SafeX is going with SC (regardless of Siacoin), do we get behind that?


Please no X in front… the absolute worst lol, total fluff.


I slept excellent last night, went to bed early. And maybe even regardless of this siacoin thing… SAFE

Maybe the symbol could be … SAFE

We started with MAID symbol (with maidsafecoin) and we will end it with SAFE (for safecoin)…

Some kind of idea


My opinion is SF is as good as SC or SAFE



Wouldn’t this fulfill the requirements of a currency symbol whilst giving eternal tribute to the network’s leading light? :slight_smile:


I’m saying it as a proposed official symbol, not an everyday one. It is necessary if it ever becomes standardized in the context of our dreams of world domination, the one true digital currency, the last one to stand, and similar grandiosities, not just in the confines of the cryptocurrency world.


I’ve been away but checking in again to see if I can figure out how to get onboard.

In the meantime, reading history about the Druids and Celts I am struck by their Runes - 16 in all; wondering how neat to have a Runic SafeCoin. Though more complex than suitable for a coin they are quite a powerful message.

I know the 99Designs contest has selected one but the possibilities are still intriguing. Another very powerful scalar form is the tail of a whale breaching. It makes the textural ridges around a coin more distinct, less smooth. And on the face of it the cascading water their tails carry aloft is mighty strong.


There’s runic like characters in NKO although it seems to be rtl which is not ideal
ߐ = O which is as simple natural symbol as can be… tempting lots of them as elements then representing the network.
ߛߝ = if I have if right, would be pronounced SAFE


Thanks for that. It looks like that is exactly what it would mean!