Finding a currency symbol for Safecoin


Wholeheartedly agreed.

𝕊 looks fun except when i try to write it
Ꞩ is just plain ugly (personal opinion, obv)

lol that’s cute though. non-digital money has been around for thousands of years; i think it’s safe to assume it will be around for at least another thousand


Around the year Ford Model T (1908): Horses as a primary method of transport have been around for thousands of years, I think it’s safe to assume they will be around for at least another thousand.


still using paper wallets like its the year 23 B.C. :sunglasses:


Here is another safecoin symbol I designed:


:joy_cat: :smirk_cat:


Looks nice but in use for the Israeli shekel


I’m well aware :joy_cat:


Symbol or currency abbreviation SC is already used. SiaCoin uses it. See here.

Since SC is used, a good choice might be SAFE.

Pro: Very descriptive, no confusion.
Many coins use 4-letter currency “symbols”, e.g. Dash uses “DASH” because the D with a bar (Ð) was already taken by Doge.

So far, only 4 currencies (Bitcoin, Lite, Ether, Doge) use a 1-letter symbol (Ƀ, Ł, Ξ, Ð). Note that they are all uppercase letters. All others use 2 to 5 letter acronyms.

If we rule out symbols not implemented on Android, Linux Mint, etc. then I guess we can reduce the possibilities to: (SC I ruled out as being taken, and S I ruled out as being too confusing.) This leaves us with only:

Σ and Δ and SAFE

Independent of the symbol, there will be a currency abbreviation (save to say that this is going to be SAFE) as well as a logo. To see other logos for comparison look at this page.


Nice post!

I’m totally with you…SAFE

That will be 100 SAFE thank you. That will be 100 dollars thank you…no difference, but one sounds safer :slight_smile:


The general rule is 3 letter acronym. If it has 4 then it can be okay. When it has more letters, vowels are taken out.

Bitcoin = BTC

So yeah, I’m with you on SAFE. But we still need a symbol. Dash uses the same symbol as DOGE. Look at their very first letter, D. It is exactly the same.


I reckon this network is a convention buster in many ways, why not live dangerously with 4 characters: SAFE


Why not live less dangerously and follow those silly international standards: XSF :smirk_cat:


Well SFE seems available for a currency code too. (not currency symbol)


You have a point, but are we treating Safecoin as a supranational currency. I’m not sure Safecoin can escape the boundary of the network can it?

Not sure how @dallyshalla is going to list Safecoin or whether he’ll be sticking to conventions…I’m not even sure what a SEC will be, is it Safe ‘structured data’ on safe or does it lay on the other side of the boundary…say as a blockchain entry.

I’m intrigued as to where the boundary lays with a Safex, I’m guessing it has something to do with the 'Decentralized Exchange / Fix / SafeX protocol.


daaaamn this thread is superlatively bumpin’ with a higher power lately, history in the making


I’m using a desktop linux and I can read Ꞩ, but not ⫓ …

How about having a long hand XSF and a shorthand Ꞩ ?


I highly support this suggestion! :slight_smile:


Safecoin doesn’t need to escape the boundary of the network to do a transfer anymore than cloth money needs to enter the wire when sending them to another bank.

SEC is to be a structured data asset with a programmed wallet, and programmed rules. For now we keep it embedded in bitcoin until SD is stable on Live SAFE.

SD atomic transactions are a requirement, that is the decentralized part of it. We may seek to add a ‘notary’ signing component to SAFE so that we can have the groups confirm that Alice signed this, ‘notary’ signs acknowledging Alice signed this transaction. Now Bob can sign the other side of the transaction, ‘notary’ acknowledges Bob’s signature, transaction happens. More details to come; assuming we are not also able to finish a different system that achieves the same power of atomicity. We will not pursue arbitrators except for those systems of trading desiring arbitrators.

FIX part of it will work when two parties want to do accounting between each other, or a trading group or for a system of atomic trading involving careful revealing of secrets.

Making a simple SD asset and dividing it, and sending it - trying to test that asap, hopefully soon when the test network is back up.

Today we’ve connected an alpha version of Rust into Electron using a tool called Neon. So application logic is on the plate. It is awesome, I am coding Rust and it goes right into an Electron GUI in a simple way.

Regards to the symbol, we will need to allow the client application to interpret most symbols people choose.

For now you set the symbol using regular characters, and we use SC as the abbreviation for the safecoin placeholder.

When you trade, the first offer is what set the Paired Symbol of a currency trade.

SO if the first trade to happen was BTC/SC that’s what it is. if it turned out to be SC/BTC then all trade offers should resolve to that symbol.[quote=“chrisfostertv, post:75, topic:6510”]
we treating Safecoin as a supranational currency.

Safecoin should be ‘baked’ into safex as the default ‘reserve’ currency that’s what I am leaning towards


I think we need a new term here too :wink: Reserve just doesn’t cut it.

A reserve currency (or anchor currency) is a currency that is held in significant quantities by governments and institutions as part of their foreign exchange reserves. The reserve currency is commonly used in international transactions and often considered a hard currency or safe-haven currency (my edit - this is promising).


we can also change the definition of words with our own usage.