Finding a currency symbol for Safecoin

I’m using a Windows phone. So far no issues with the Unicodes used here…

Sorry, I’m just going to have to put this here, because we all know, the best symbol for safecoin will be this right here:

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I’m expecting the $ to disappear in a few years, and Safecoin will be the new dollar. So they won’t co-exist anyway… :wink:


I am getting a broken something for that symbol “Ꞩ” It appears as a simple box on my browser

Can you describe it?

EDIT: I see others have the issue as well. Win7 here BTW

Viewing and using a symbol should be trivial.
A new symbol might be a rpita to type… copy+paste is just introducing a hurdle.

Alt approach would be to use something that is at least available like Greek capital sigma Σ… even simpler would be to suggest it is an underlined normal Latin Capital S… => S

Strikethrough’s are less familiar to normal user but any noob can punch S on the keyboard and ctrl+U to underline it S… although having just suggested that ctrl-S barfs source code in discourse and there isn’t the U option above the edit box here to do U in the way bold and italics are there. Route around that is html container for underline.



Hi, I am the OP from the other thread. I found a few symbols that you might like, mostly from the Greek alphabet which is widely adopted on various platforms.

Subset Above Superset U+2AD3

This is character is not from the Greek alphabet, so I am not too sure about compatibility but it works on android and windows.

Latin Small Letter Delta U+1E9F

I think this might be one of the more popular choices among the community, not just because of its design but delta character in uppercase is


which is probably going to be the unicode symbol for the Safenet itself. A nice coincidence if picked.


Greek Theta Symbol U+03D1

I picked this because it would be my personal choice, but I think that the community should be the ones to choose.

Please comment to say which one you would prefer or make your own suggestions.

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Plain letters seem to be in common use for world currencies, why create barriers to adoption for the sake of fancy


could be the other way around

Maybe simple is best. I go with SC. :smiley:


If that symbol works in smartphones and older OSs then ⫓ might be better than the Ꞩ symbol.

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For fun I designed an almost nasty looking symbol for safecoin :smiley: :

That is a rare symbol I can’t see… Linux Mint default install.

Wholeheartedly agreed.

𝕊 looks fun except when i try to write it
Ꞩ is just plain ugly (personal opinion, obv)

lol that’s cute though. non-digital money has been around for thousands of years; i think it’s safe to assume it will be around for at least another thousand

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Around the year Ford Model T (1908): Horses as a primary method of transport have been around for thousands of years, I think it’s safe to assume they will be around for at least another thousand.


still using paper wallets like its the year 23 B.C. :sunglasses:

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Here is another safecoin symbol I designed:


:joy_cat: :smirk_cat:

Looks nice but in use for the Israeli shekel

I’m well aware :joy_cat: