Financing of development team

I did not understand system how are developers rewards and how works financing this project in detail.
Could anyone explain to me ?

Who own top 4 address with more than 10 000 000 MAID ?
Circulation 0.00% of tokens are currently held by the issuer - So they own fiat and other crypto after first sale ?

Is there any yearly financing report of MaidSafe ?

Thank you


Exchanges, with Poloniex having over 100 million in their cold and hot wallets. One is a early buyer from the ICO with something like 30 to 40 million.

Currently they are financed by the sale of MAID initially and they had more recently a partial (very small) sale of their shares. About 6% of them from memory. This raised BTC and fiat or MAID from memory. I hope they did not convert all their BTC back then but still hold a lot of it.

Developer rewards
This refers to the 5% dev rewards that the network will pay core network developers who work on improving and fixing the code. Whenever a GET is done the group checks to see if a dev reward attempt is to be done, and if it succeeds a safecoin is created to pay the core development people. These people won’t be just the Maidsafe team but anyone who contributes to the ongoing development of the core code.

Obviously this will not occur till after the network is live.

It is a UK company and yearly reports are publicly available. There is a link somewhere for this and a search could find that for you. Otherwise search the UK government systems for yearly reports of companies.