Finally, free Browser without crap

There’s only a dev release at the moment, but if you hate ads more than browser crashes, check it out.
There aren’t any “features” except that it can block ads and trackers so content should load faster (it seems it does load a tiny bit faster compared to Chrome + ad blockers, but maybe because I don’t have any extensions whatsoever).
I kind of didn’t like that it is using predictive search (“spy on me as I type”), but I switched the search engine to DDG so that’s kind of taken care of.

But I thought there was a serious catch here. I think his whole thing is no tracking but he still very much believes in the ad based net and built that in. Am I wrong?

The predictive search feature sounds ominous, but the browser is open source, so I suppose if it takes off people will start looking what’s in there.
For now, just to make sure Google doesn’t benefit from this, I switched to Duck Duck Go which are better-behaving.

If they create a good browser, it could be forked into something 100% clean, but hopefully they’ll keep it simple and not create ad loopholes.
I don’t know what their model will be but it seems they want to give users who watch (and click on) ads a cut. That would be reasonable as far as I am concerned. I just want to be able to block all ads.

Thank you for the analysis and note on the ads paying end users model they may experiment with.

I am going to do what you’re doing and use Brave and DDG. At this point I want to delete my other browsers.

I really appreciate what this company is trying to do with an attempt at trying to cover all bases.

You can keep other browsers just in case you decide to change your mind, or if some site can’t work with the new browser. Remember it’s in alpha now, so it may be still less stable than Google Chrome.

I use Opera more than Chrome now. Some Chinese investors put 1.2 billion in Opera Inc this month. I guess that means more spying soon…

I’ve only had hours with Brave plus DDG but its a revelation.

This is Brendan Eich though, so given the gay rights controversy there is reason for increased scrutiny…