Filecoin 52 million presale raises 52 million in presale.

Incredible, what are people missing about the Safenetwork. It boggles my mind.



Problem #2: Filecoin is being insanely greedy

I dislike that this ICO is for the rich kids only, but I applaud decentralized projects that give themselves a good runway. True more money, more problem (especially after all these Ethereum hacks), but still you’ll be able to get more done in maybe less time, if you focus. Fun part: on the other hand decentralized projects can even succeed if they fail, because these coins can go up in value.

If your on this forum, the price of Filecoin should be a indication of where SAFEcoin is going :kissing_heart: (I’m still foolishly distracted by the fiat value, while it’s the computation on the SAFE Network value that will actually matter)

Meshnets are so close when decentralized projects raise this much money. Can’t wait for the Brck ICO

The SupaBRCK + Farming = Happy SAFE community (no more ISP, less control freaks :rofl:)


Safenet is focused on the product. Filecoin and others like it are focused on the money and marketing. Big difference


200 million in 60 minutes. Insane in the brain.

I wonder how many will have done their due diligence, recognise that SAFEnetwork is a massive threat to this investment, and will switch /hedge towards MaidSafeCoin in the coming months.


Perhaps we should I COME Maidsafe again. Lol. It’s all about the punters with ICO’s in the last 6 months

I meant Re ICO but fat fingers got in the way

Another win for decentralization :stuck_out_tongue: