Figma ghost Layer bug - how screwed are we?

How bad is this in regards to Fleming?
Hopefully not back to square one? :pray:

Oh no, we’re fine. Just had to divert onto other parts of the project for a week. Just blocked on current safe Network App design iterations for a week.

A bit of hand waving on Twitter got us some engineering support finally though. :smile:

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But they really need to fix it though. Most folk won’t notice as they aren’t working on files/libraries as complex, or with as many revisions. But it will catch up with them if they don’t sort it.


Update! 850,000 layers and 1.5GB of memory are now 46,000 layers and 0.06GB, thanks to the engineering lead at Figma. :sweat_smile:


Lets hire that guy :wink:

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How did the end up fixing the issue?

The tech lead whipped up a script to manually run on all the files, but ultimately I think it was a re-write of the component library engine, and they way the handle multiplayer stuff, that is the cure.

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