Fetch.ai - decentralised neural networking

What us Fetch
Fetch is a decentralised digital world in which useful economic activity can take place. This activity is performed by digital entities that we call Autonomous Economic Agents (AEAs). AEAs can work alone, together, serially or in parallel, and they can represent humans, services, themselves, data and more. AEAs connect to the world through our Open Economic Framework (OEF) which acts as an agent’s senses. The OEF presents a highly tailored world to each individual agent, one that is adapted specifically for it. Underpinning this is the Fetch Smart Ledger which provides the network’s integrity and delivers consensus through useful proof of work. Fetch are developing the OEF and Smart Ledger to enable everyone to develop agents. We like to think of Fetch as the ultimate dating system for value providers and those that want that value: connect, and the smart ledger through the OEF will ensure that what you see is precisely what you need to see in order to do business.

Is it a blockchain
No. The Fetch Smart Ledger is an entirely new ledger technology that provides the scalability necessary to support millions of transactions per second. We are also developing infrastructure that supports a decentralised digital world and provides a platform for machine learning to deliver accurate predictions to the marketplace. Our technical white paper provides additional information on the ledger structure and how it functions, and we will be releasing a series of more detailed technical whitepapers in the near future.


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First 2 words. Sounds legit


Ha - my typo! It does look quite impressive on the face of it, but early days.

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