Feelings about adding to Algorand chain?

I just saw the post about MAID being available on ERC now, which is great and all, but the ETH chain is becoming unusable according to the input i regularly get from fellow ALGO community people. This is not only due to outrageous gas fees but also the slow speed of transactions in general.
That said, I have been a part of the Algorand ecosystem for years and can confidently say that, between security, speed of tx finalization, nearly nonexistent fees, and the exploding growth of the ecosystem, it is among the best possible chains to be on in the entire space. Whats more, expanding onto it is super simple, at least via new bridges or token wrapping if nothing else.

All that said, i was just curious about the thoughts on expanding onto Algorand, the feasibility, the likelihood, and what i could do to assist in such a venture.

Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for your time!! :heart:

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+1 from another Algorand fan.
I originally wanted my own crypto project to be on Algorand. Had to finally accept the moneymen in my team were technically and ethically deficient so that was the effective end of Scotcoin.

Just had this forwarded to me re Algorand…



Today seems like a odd timing for promotion of Algorand.

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