Feedback on site

I try to be brief.

  1. why isnt information on one site, but its divided by and
    2. my experience in crypto is that from my perspective people tend to find cryptocoins or categorize by **speed of transaction, *fee for transaction (which I personally find in comment by other user on fb) anonymity/decentralization/usecase etc.
    *fee for transaction - this is imo huge benefits that should be clear visible on that site which isnt.
    **speed transc - also same.

just my feedback


Agree with the 1st one

Quick answer is about the Maidsafe company is about the SAFE project

THere is inevitably room for some overlap here. It is also important to remember these sites are for now only getting absolute minimal maintenance if any. And there are excellent (if unfortunate) reasons for that.


As others have said, is the company that kicked of the project, and currently the primary contributor. Once the Network is launched we will (hopefully) become even less relevant as more core developers join the fold and take the Network places MaidSafe alone never could.

I’ll add, that there is soon to be a Swiss foundation too: a non-profit that will shepherd the protocol post-launch.

If you are talking about MaidSafeCoin in this context (and something that is often conflated with the project) then these metrics aren’t relevant at all, as it’s just a bog-standard blockchain token used for crowd funding the build of the Network. This conflation has happened more and more since the 2014 crowdsale, as for more ICOs the token is the product.

If you are talking about Safe Network Tokens, then I see your point slightly more, but with a couple of caveats:

  1. We don’t have solid metrics on the transaction speeds yet. We can guess (we’ve had up to 19,000 TPS in some lab tests) but there is a lot to shake out before we can make bold claims for where we will end up in real world experience. We don’t want to over egg things. There have been other projects recently that have claimed some big numbers, and have come in embarrassingly wide of the mark.
  2. The Network is foremost about the storage and retrieval of data, and the currency is there to facilitate that, and should primarily be judged on its ability to fulfil that role.
  3. The design is very nearly finished, but not quite. While the core prospectus for what the token will do is settled, there’s still a little bit of movement in the target when it comes to the launch level features and therefore claims we can make about them.

But, overall, I take your point. And it’s timely as we are embarking on an overhaul of web assets in the new year.