Feedback on MaidSafe card sketch for Spells of Genesis needed!

Only just noticed the two large logos at the gates… Lol how did I miss that. Will look great in color!

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The penrose triangle is the symbol of Maidsafe, the company…wheras, what the ants would be protecting is the safecoin.

Just as the penrose triangle has been made to look luminous, the safecoin logo could be made to look a little more cube like, with the white section made to be luminous…like the tunnels ants move through underground…and maybe with tiny ants moving through the luminosity in the foreground cubes.


dude i am making that into a tshirt for sure!!!


Thanks for sharing, we’ll take note however may be hard to represent the safecoin logo on a card, if too small, as it’s quite intricate. Is that also the color it should be like? Grey? It does look great though. Wonder if it can be added to the safe in the background or somewhere else.

My vote is for your sketch as is. Love it!

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The actual safecoin asset was designed in blue, but I’m not sure where Maidsafe have placed the digital assets now.

Ah yes…a card, small space…I’m just thinking that if these ants are farmers, the crop is actually safecoins…but hardly matters. :slight_smile:

No worries, I appreciate the feedback, good to know, I did see the safecoin logo previously, but also couldn’t find a good resolution one nor an official version. We’ll see if we can fit everything in. We got til Monday for feedback then we’ll work on revisions and put some colors in it.

The symbology is great! I thought it looked a bit militaristic as well but only at first thought. Once I thought more about the ants protecting a vault it made perfect sense. Very impressive! I do like some of the feedback as well.

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Technically the ants are a metaphor for vaults, which look after data rather than Safecoin. Safecoin is more like the energy, nectar that allows the colony to function.

So I think it’s fine to keep using the Penrose triangle - it’s not technically perfect as an analogy, but it is a good symbol and subtly acknowledges the enormous contribution of David and the MaidSafe team (from investors, to staff, to long-suffering family members! :slight_smile:). But that’s just my opinion!

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We like the feedback so far, also thanks @Nigel & @happybeing for yours. Good points of view!

Illustrators are working on finalizing the card, will share once it’s ready! Thanks a lot for all your feedback guys. :thumbsup: