Feedback for Test 17 (internal testing)


I think the error message when your IP has changed should be more clear about what the issue is.
I thought the network was down.

MaidSafe Dev Update - December 14, 2017

Okay, let me add one as well here:

This is what I see when I upload a little .mp4 file which is part of my website. Maybe use the word “file” instead of “message”? Otherwise people might think “What message did I wrote?? What’s getting uploaded??”.

MaidSafe Dev Update - July 13, 2017 - Test 17

or just plain “uploading…”


From further up the thread:

It’ll be great once this is integrated so the delay for a large file to start playing will be far smaller.


Excellent critiques @JPL absolutely to all of it. Some things are too insider baseball when named, e.g. Container, service, root, etc. The point is noobs won’t get it and they will be confused, yes it might be dumbing it down for others but those smart enough to know that stuff will appreciate safe for the underlying technology anyways and at the same time noobs can create their own websites without wondering what a service, container, root, etc is. :slight_smile: good job


Aaaand the MAID FAUCET is back!!


For people that don’t feel like getting free MAID there’s always:



как впечатление?
похоже на готовый продукт?

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How impression?
Similar to the finished product?


Would someone be able to test out the safe://test.joe website to see if it still works ,the code is the same as the previous release but i am now getting an error which i didn’t see in the previous version of testnet 17

electron-rpc\…:203 Uncaught (in promise) Error: Unexpected (probably a logic error): Could not 
connect to the SAFE Network(…)onCbReply @ C:\Users\josephm\Desktop\safe-browser-v0.2.1-
win-x64\resources\app\node_modules\pauls-electron-rpc\…:203onIPCMessage @ 
electron-rpc\…:118emitMany @ events.js:127emit @ events.js:201

i’ve also had a few issues connecting to the network especially with the web hosting manager but it started working once i revoked all the authorised apps also the network on my end seems to be a bit slower downloading but uploading small javascript files is very fast


OK boys, when?


Hasn’t been that meagre:


It loads, but this is all I get - even after choosing allow in the authenticator.


make sure you have console open , refresh and if a lot stuff comes without any errors it is working


I forgot who said this but it goes something like ~" Any idiot can make something complicated, but it takes a genius to simplify it"~

Can’t say I entirely agree with it requiring genius but ultimately simplification requires more careful consideration for proper distillation. More mental energy for sure. Non linear thinking draws from more possible approach angles and logic allows us to choose the most prominent path.


After a few seconds:

C:\Users\John\Documents\SAFEnetwork\TEST\safe-browser-v0.2.1-win-x64\resources\app\node_modules\pau…:203 Uncaught (in promise) Error: Unexpected (probably a logic error): Could not connect to the SAFE Network
at onCbReply (C:\Users\John\Documents\SAFEnetwork\TEST\safe-browser-v0.2.1-win-``x64\resources\app\node_modules\pauls-electron-rpc\lib\import-api.js:203:19)
at EventEmitter.onIPCMessage (C:\Users\John\Documents\SAFEnetwork\TEST\safe-browser-v0.2.1-win-``x64\resources\app\node_modules\pauls-electron-rpc\lib\import-api.js:118:14)
at emitMany (events.js:127:13)
at EventEmitter.emit (events.js:201:7)


thanks for testing it out @jpl ,i now think it might be a problem the testnet 17 rate limiter because it was working on the previous version of testnet 17 and i don’t think i changed any of my javascript code


I’m getting an error. Guess it’s the same as the one JPL is getting.


I was thinking Einstein, but it seems to be credited to Pete Seeger “Any darn fool can make something complex; it takes a genius to make something simple.”

It’s really just about speaking to people in language they understand, and lowering any barrier that might cause them to give up. Language is a powerful thing. If something can be worded in a way that makes people feel comfortable then they will take the next step. Interface design is the same as Steve Jobs understood.

Personally I’ve nothing against a bit of handholding. Not everyone wants to be a systems developer. I remember when I was trying to get to grips with Linux ages ago. I’d ask a question about how to get something working and no-one would give me a direct answer. Instead they’d say ‘go and learn about QT’ or ‘read up on enabling modules’ or some such - which was no help because I didn’t understand that either. I always suspected it was a power thing, like priests in medieval times insisting on preaching in Latin which the peasants didn’t understand. It used to drive me mad.

Conversely, if I had a problem in Excel, I’d go to the Microsoft help pages and someone would just show me how to do it - and I learned something. Nothing to do with ‘dumbing down’, everything to do with effective communications.


this is the error from the safe-auth home console if it is any help to anyone


Yes, this was/is part of the plan, eventually allow the user to switch between email IDs:


Thanks @Joseph_Meagher and @Krekc , we are able to reproduce it and we are currently chasing it down.


Back at home from holidays, I made a quick few test with the last Test 17 with rate limiter (Windows):

.-At least the right click works in the Safe Browser :clap:

.-I uploaded a simple site with the Web Hosting Manager and work Ok. (safe://test.digipl)

.-Cannot make work the Web Hosting manager and the Safe Mail at same time. If the Web Hosting manager is open the Safe mail give authenticator error and if the Safe Mail is open and try to run the Web Hosting manager I have this error:

.-My Email ID is digipl. I send an Email to Rene to check.

.-As @JPL say the Web Hosting manager is not very intuitive although most users don’t need it. What we need ASAP is a simple File Manager.