Feedback for Test 17 (internal testing)


Just to note, it seems not possible to email more than one person… so, comma and semi-colon didn’t seem to work.

Is it just me or are we missing a sent items folder!?..


I wondered the same thing on sent emails. I tried emailing @polpolrene assuming he had one under polpolrene but I didn’t get a “message sent” or see an outbox so I thought that was something that could use a quick fix


At least you can’t sent mails to non existing ID’s.
E.g. I tried ‘santaclaus’ and I got ‘Email ID not found on the network’.


You saying Santa does not exist :smiley: :smiley:


Good to hear.

How is junk mail handled. Can you just tell the network to not process emails from certain addresses? Whitelist/blacklist options.


There aint no sanity clause


I think that this will probably change soon now :smile:


my email id is joe [20 chars]


It’s an example app - opportunity for someone to develop one with bells and whistles… sent a claus


Talk to me safewebz: mail happybeing :slight_smile:

Well that was quick! Thanks @Joseph_Meagher :slight_smile:

Ok so mail and web hosting work. Might take a peek at the API soon. Still busy with DIY tho :frowning_face:


Nice, just noticed you can switch automatically authorizing apps on/off. I looked over this feature quite a few times, thinking it was just an image there to show it’s about security or something.

I wonder if others noticed it and if they did if it was obvious to them the lock was there to be used. I think something can be done to make this more obvious.


I hadn’t noticed it! High five for finding the first SAFE Easter :egg:



I noticed the lock but thought the exactly same thought as @Krekc


The hourglass on the right is also discreet.
Edit: I mean magnifying glass of course.


See @Krishna_Kumar response below to a previous comment about it:


safe://messing.southside/ Work in progress…


Hadn’t even noticed that :joy:


What is the hour glass for? Oh the magnifying glass, to search apps. Yes cool feature but I felt that one was self explanatory for a mac user. Could be more prominent though


I assume to search in the authorized apps. I guess when you have a ton authorized in the future you might want to look for some to remove the authorization?

It just filters the list based on what you type.


so glad reading all these posts about another step towards success. keep it up David and other devs. Make it happen . All eyes on u. :sunglasses: