Feedback for Test 17 (internal testing)

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Yeah I wonder where you got that original idea from?!? :slight_smile:

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And if anyone is not at level 2 then just participating in the forum (reading and/or posting over many days) will get you to level 2. The forum rewards those you show a genuine interest in the project.

I believe I should be at Trust Level 2, been participating for more than a year and I believe I have met all the requirements.
Any idea why I’m not?

When I click on you, it says “Member”, which should be Trust Level 2

Resolved now. Thank you.

I’ve installed the Safe browser, created an account and logged in to it. The Authenticator says I’m connected, but, I can not browse any safe sites. I only get the message:

This site cant be reached

Why is it not working? Have I missed something?

You’re connecting to non-existing website.

Try this one…


This is the one of the first one that is functional currently.

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Yes, thank you!

Jack your body! :slight_smile:

I tried the other sites mentioned previously in this thread, and none seemed to work, so I thought it was something on my end.

Yes, I had the problem, so good to see the explanation here. It would be good to get a list of currently available websites. It would also be good to have some email IDs to write messages to :slight_smile:

The network data was wiped out, that’s why.

Great first impressions of the browser using win7, but whats the safe network symbol above the home button for? It seems like that should be a button but it is just an image, no big deal really.

The web mail opens really well but i am having trouble opening the web hosting manager, it says ‘Failed to Connect’ I have retried several times but not opening, is there something im doing wrong?
EDIT: web hosting manager is working for me now

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Hello, trying to test the test 17 but i’m unable to set my ip on

I had the same message a few times, i kept refreshing the invite token and it worked on about the 4th retry

Ok thank you, i will try this :slight_smile:

Sadly, still not working, i have a 504 error.

Here I bring it back to life, the ignominious, the infamous…


For some reason safe://its-coming.savage kills the browser.
And the rest of the safe sites are getting me this:

The only safe site I can load is mine (safe://lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala.lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala)

Any explanation for this?

safe://onepunch.draw doesn’t work because the network has been reset and I haven’t reuploaded my sites yet.
EDIT: .draw sites are back up (mail draw1).


ah phew, that explains it. I didn’t know it was reset for the forum test17