Feedback for Test 17 (internal testing)

We just invited a first batch of forum users to participate in the internal testing for Test 17. We’re hoping to slowly scale up the number of users involved over the next few days (barring any major bugs we discover of course) and conclude with making the test network public to everyone soon :slight_smile: . As mentioned in the last dev update, we’re hoping this helps us iterate through bugs faster and identify missing features that can get corrected quickly. Features are also getting rolled out in stages to try and keep the feedback concentrated for the next few days.

See the last dev update for more info on why we’re doing this:

This forum topic can be used by people who participate in the internal testing to give feedback about the SAFE Browser and the example applications.


Congratulations! This is very good news!


Now I know what it felt like to be the kid who was not chosen in gym class :sob: :grin::wink:

Awesome news, here is to no problems and a quick release :beers:


SAFE Browser does not allow me to right click in the address field.

I cannot paste using the mouse (right click --> paste), I have to paste using ctrl-v

Ubuntu 15

EDIT: just realised 1st bug report. Do I get a prize? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Same thing on Windows 7…yes…Windows 7 :-\


Pretty nice news. Great momentum building. Looking forward to seeing all these puzzle pieces come together in real time, in the wild. Sorry I had to refuse my invite. :wink:


UI issue

Authenticator shows the permissions needed and nothing else — until you realise you need to scroll down, but is not obvious and could have first time users scratching their heads for a long time.

I think the accept/deny should be at top and permissions listed under with obvious need to scroll. In any case only having the box big enough to show 2 permissions is perhaps too small


Will get this fixed, @neo. Thanks for spotting it


Yes, we are working on improving the auth pop up UI.

is not obvious and could have first time users scratching their heads for a long time

I agree on this completely. We are making it more descriptive and user friendly.

I think the accept/deny should be at top and permissions listed under with obvious need to scroll

The reason for having it at the bottom was to make sure the user reads the permission request completely. Like Google navigates with next button until the entire content is shown to the user. We were thinking along the same lines to ensure the user reads the permission request completely.

Will share the design of the pop up UI after we improve it.


@Josh I think they’re saving the best until last :wink:


Yea, I thought of that as I wrote it (that the user should read all permissions first).

You know there is trick to ensure people know to scroll is to make the size of the box such that you see all of it or the last permission showing is only showing half of it (vertically), that way people automatically know there must be more and look for the scroll bar.

There is only (literally) a handful at the moment


Don’t feel too bad…incredibly, I didn’t make the cut either…lol
This feels like some tangible, notable progress to my layman’s eyes. :smile:


Been inconsolable myself the last few days - weeping my eyes out - just pure distraught so Ah um.
Have turned green with jealousy and feelings of inadequacy.


Nice work @maidsafe

I jut uploaded a website and everything works as expected. I experienced the same things as @neo so nothing new here. Hope to see more folks soon so we can all mail each other again and make a whole topic filled with domains to browse :thumbsup:.


Yesterday the highlight was sending test messages with the SAFE Mail App and uploading some files! :slight_smile:


Will you still need to adjust your router settings to use test 17?


Nope, just download the browser and you’re good.


epic! cant wait!:grinning:


These are the changes to the auth pop up that we were working on today. We welcome your suggestions to improve further.


Looks nice :slight_smile: Could we reduce the amount of text? For example, instead of:

Container for storing public files

  • Allow application to read data
  • Allow application to add new data
  • Allow application to delete data
  • Grant application full control of the container

How about…

Container for storing public files

Grant application permissions:

  • read data
  • store data
  • delete data
  • full control of the container

My aim is to reduce the number of words to be read and make it easier to scan down the list to check just the key information.

EDIT: also, for “full control of the container” it is not clear what is being granted over and above the other items.