Federated Decentralized Net Code

Okay I’m really not sure if this should go in the dev section, marketing, app ideas, or what. But the “Can we haz GitSAFE plz” got me thinking. We seem to have dozens of different decentralized internet projects running around. Why don’t we all get together, work together and do a compare and contrast. Compare what’s the same, federate those sections of code so others can reuse them and then look at what’s different between each project. What’s truly unique might be worked on so different projects could talk to one another or at least the code could be easier to fork from one language to another. I’m just thinking we all seem to be striving towards a common ultimate goal so why aren’t we working together or at least collaborating? Like why can’t bittorrent talk to SAFE? Why can’t SAFE integrate with IFPS? And why don’t these other systems integrate something like PARSEC into their systems for added security? I mean can you imagine bittorrent with PARSEC or self encryption? It would certainly make it harder for the feds to track.

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The principle is sound, and that’s the reason for trying to work with Solid /Inrupt to get Solid on SAFE, but the examples you give are not feasible IMO - at least not at the protocol level.

We can more easily adapt higher level things (like an app) from one platform to work on another, which is like my suggestion for putting an existing git Web interface on top of git, on top of SAFE Drive. It is also what I did for the SAFE Plume demo at the SAFE DevCon.

But for the most part even this isn’t a trivial thing to do, so it will work in some instances and not in others, and will still require significant work, so somebody has to be willing to do that.


It may be best as an app or network level thing who knows. All I’m really saying is people need to talk more. I was listening to a ted talk by a guy trying to decentralize the web who’s project crashed and burned but what he was doing and talking about was exactly in line with what SAFE was doing (perhaps someone to get in touch with?) and there are so many other projects out there that I’m thinking we should be working together more towards a common goal. Yes of course there will be divergence and there should be but there’s no sense reinventing the wheel and if people are doing the same thing and have the same goal they should collaborate with one another and help one another.

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