Feature request: Support for hardware wallet - community build?

I am really keen to shift my Maidsafe onto my Ledger Nano S. I could theoretically do this, because I could send my Maidsafe to any bitcoin address that I control. However, if I wanted to then send my Maidsafe, I would have to expose my private key to the internet, which would completely defeat the purpose of having a hardware wallet.

You can build open source apps for the Ledger Nano S. For instance, I currently have a Dash app on my Ledger. As far as I know, building a new GUI to support Ledger applications is not necessary, because they run with either the Ledger Wallet Bitcoin or Ethereum GUI for Chrome. So the work is primarily centred around constructing the architecture to install onto the Ledger Nano itself.

I am aware that the team at Maidsafe is currently working flat out to deliver the project, and we do not want to distract them from their goal. I therefore wonder if anyone in the community has the skills to build a Maidsafe app for the Ledger? If there is enough demand for it, the community could put up some Maidsafe as payment for the services of whoever builds the app.


Are you only talking of MAIDSAFEcoin?

SAFEcoin will be stored differently, doesn’t use a blockchain and the usual wallet concept is only similar in purpose. Your SAFEcoins will always be on the SAFEnetwork and the ID keys are your way of accessing them. So only need to safely store ID keys for SAFEcoin.

MAIDSAFE the company is not responsible for MAIDSAFEcoin and you will not see them or any sponsored effort by them to build any wallet for MAIDSAFEcoin. MAIDSAFEcoin uses the omni protocol on the bitcoin blockchain.


Yes I was only referring to MAIDSAFEcoin.

My hope is to see if there is community demand for a hardware wallet and, if so, whether we could fund someone to build it.


Has there been any effort in this department? Any other hardware wallet solutions?

There was a thread with pretty detailed discussion. The best solution at this time for hardware wallets was to use separate pass phrases for your MAID account and your other coins. This way, when you bring the MAID off the hardware wallet, you aren’t also exposing your other coins.