Feature Proposal - Customisable usernames for sending and receiving payments

This is very simple idea and would have helped bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies, is that instead of random addresses looking like 1G7HWPOPWD4DSD56JALFKJACA56SKJA2DLKAJLS, why don’t we make it so that in safenetwork, we can have usernames, and pay to usernames, just like with Lisk, say, so you can pay to usernames, someone can have a username that is “ilovesafe” or “foreverjoyful” similar to usernames on this forum, and pay to each other by simply entering the username of the person you’re paying on a mobile app.

yeah you can use their ID and apps can attach that to a wallet :+1:


We already have this sort of thing don’t we? Look at mail or the example wallet app with thanks coins. Or decorum’s wallet.


Yeah we do

SAFE Wallet’s protocol gives the freedom to have a pubkey + privatekey (this is basically a brainwallet) of your own choosing. Securitywise SAFE wallet reads bitcoın as xn–bitcon-t9a (this shows clearly that bitcoın is not bitcoin)
Decorum’s wallet auto-create an publicID as side effect (alleviating the need to install the web host manager to register an publicID). Decorum’s wallet reads bitcoın as bitcoın (in this case you can have someone send money to an fake address if it’s copied from an website)

A combination of both would be interesting @luandro