Feasible for ISP to force you onto an alternate SAFEnet?

If an ISP (or any adversary) forced all your internet traffic to go through their alternate SAFE network, they could control 99% of the nodes in this alternate SAFE network (all but yours), and they would surround your node.

It seems trivial to forward your messages to/from the real network/close groups.

Even though they don’t have control over your data on the actual network (they’re not the real data managers for you on the actual network), what would the ramifications of this attack be?

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Why would you join their network when you know it is fake?

A lot of folks think this immediately, but it is not so simple. That ISP would indeed need to intercept and redirect your traffic. so ignoring whether it’s legal (cause legality means nothing in safe, only logic), they have to give you your correct login packet. So they need to let some stuff through and give it back properly. So clients etc. easily get out of such an issue (after login you ask for stuff that must exist (hash of existing content) or the networks broke.

Then vaults, well these can possibly be confused if the isp could detect a vault (different protocols and ports each time), but to what avail? The vault would not earn safecoin etc.

Even worse (soon) for such an attack is storing the “network difficulty” measure (bitcoin language) which for us is distance of close group. So then the attacker actually needs to create the whole network you were previously on. So it gets worse the more you dive in from an attacker perspective.

Initially difficulty will not be stored as we need many nodes to balance the binary tree that is the nodes addresses on the network.

Hope that helps.


What happens when a group of nodes loses contact with the larger network?

Let’s use the example of a country turning off all incoming/outgoing communication channels. People in that country can’t login at all to even talk to each other?

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Country disconnection / network segmentation has been discussed several times so please search for these - a search for “country disconnected” finds several including: