FBI sees they can't depend on technology to solve crimes

It seems law enforcement starts to realize that encryption stays, it will keep making more and more stuff impossible, and they can do nothing to change this. So, they are turning back to classical detective methods, as they should. From the end of this article:

Speaking from the audience at the event, [supervisory special agent Jay] Kramer said that the FBI recognizes the old days of getting “access to content” through wiretaps are largely over.

"We recognize we’re not going to have access to encrypted communications on iPhones, we’re just not going to,” Kramer said. “So what are we doing? Are we just going to wait for a technological solution? No.

Kramer stressed that the FBI must redouble its efforts to develop human resources: “People who want to report to the FBI the things that they have to offer. The co-conspirator of a bad actor who’s just going to give us that private key, as opposed to us trying some technological means to get the private key.


At long last

The notions of the “magic button” that will give them information about (and possessed by) a/any person is finally being seen for what it is – a notion of fantasy.

Too much hollywood and torchwood viewing that gave those in control the idea that they could have these magic buttons and solve every crime/spying/query with a single press.

But will the politicians of the western world roll back the stupid laws they created that took away our freedoms? I doubt it very much.


Such welcome news! Finally some sense.