Fast Farming Rigs? Any Interest?

Would it not be nice to share your Vault on the Safe Network and know your crappy old laptop can compete effectively and win a fair share of Safe with a simple software upgrade because your POR rank is always good?

This Fast Farming Rig App for Safe Network would be a Freemium App with a set max GB storage cap under which use of the App is free for use to those with light distributed storage needs say 50GByte limit (Free Version). The paid for Premium Safe Network app would be cheap and install on Peruse with no GB storage limits but be limited to 1 CPU (4 core max) initially.

A few prelim highlights:
* 5X to 20X faster Write speeds (Small vs. large blocks, records, files, blobs support for everything)

  • works with SSD and HDD 
  • Peruse Web browser plugin, Safe Network updates only from the Safe Network
  • multiple drive support per CPU
  • Software layered interupt scheme over Drive Controllers (takes over)
  • 100% use of existing Safe NFS implementation
  • Dashboard GUI in Peruse to config, monitor, tune...
  • Efficient Ram and CPU use (safe Multi-threaded, etc..)
  • Safe Network only use

If any of you have any interest, please let me know with a reply so we can gauge interest with the Toronto company I advise, Cloudprox (its stealth so dont look too hard :wink: …)

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I feel like if the default software and connected network offered by Safe does not achieve this out of the box then their product offering around Farming has failed miserably, but generally if you make a solution that is:

  1. Easier for users to install and for those that can’t use terminal then that in itself has major value.
  2. Visually more appealing with better UI/Charting insight to metrics/performance will also be value added.

Then again its way to early to tell what farming will actually look like from a user perspective and the learning curve for those not technically savvy but I am excited about it all nonetheless :slight_smile: .


Thanks for the feedback, we will keep you posted as the design progresses

Since there will be official farming software, I’m guessing this idea will be more optimised farming.

That on its own makes sense, as Maidsafe’s default app shouldn’t be the most optimised. There would be significant performance hits on other computer use cases, such as streaming videos. But a third party pioneering farming optimisations for computers that don’t need to also be dedicated PCs can only be a good thing.

Instead of an app for this, a Linux distro would be better. An app would have to make system tuning adjustments and hacks, whereas a distro would have them built in. Considering the popularity of free specialised performance distros like KXstudio, I think freemium won’t be able to compete with the inevitable free options.

If it turns out the official Maidsafe app won’t include performance tuning, then I might be wrong.

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Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) is already running in the commercial form, so it’s a port effort, definitely Linux be one of the options for sure with MS Windows 10 (also running) and MAC OS, Also no reason why we cant port to Android and Apple iOS for Mobile and Tables, notebooks etc…

I agree generally in the Safe Network free version will rule…

Freemium would be more about services/support, updates for those choosing to run distributed storage for their SMB or Enterprise on the Safe Network, and also managing large arrays of private hybrid siutations (Safe Network used in parallel with private versions of Safe Network inside the SMB or Enterprise, possibly/likely in parallel with existing SANs), so the number of vaults and storage architecture will be a factor from a support perspective in these private versions.

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Sounds like you’re foreseeing the advent of the “ASIC Farmer”. This is likely, if the hype train comes around while Farming appears to be both profitable, and accessible.

yes very interested.

Would be very useful to be provided in OVA format to install easily in vmware and also vbox systems.

Ubuntu ideal.


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