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Hello Guys,

I’m new to the SafeCoin network. I’ve read quite a few posts, mostly over hardware rigs and so on, but I didn’t find anything about the software to make this hardware part of the network. I mean, how are the computers going to join the SAFE network? Is it still under development?

Well, hopefully this won’t be a dummy question xDD


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The SafeCoin Network …hello maidsafe are you listening :slight_smile:

Welcome Albert, yes the network is still under development and you can see it’s progress via The Roadmap

On that roadmap, there is a spanner (in progress) next to ‘Test Remote Network’ which means we are running some tests in which the public can participate.

The piece of software which will allow you to browse the equivalent of web sites is called the launcher and can be tested now, along with some basic sample applications.

The piece of software that actually creates the network and facilitates Farming is called a Vault. The public are not testing that part of the network in the current test Network 3. Maidsafe are providing all the vaults so that app developers have a stable platform on which to trial their applications (which you can also try)


Thanks so much for this answer.

I’m excited to participate as a farmer, so I’ll wait for the Vault to be released.

Any idea on when is that going to happen?


They have been testing for the last few weeks.

Best to read the developers updates that come out each tuesday, then you will be in the know as much as we are.

The updates are under the development category. Here is a link to the last one

@Scrappy79 welcome to the forum. Several threads, including active discussions from @nicklambert, have been debating the best way to present the SAFEnetwork and it is quite fascinating you called it SafeCoin network; I also like the sound of it. I’m (probably many) very interested in what motivated you to take the leap and want to join the community?

I’m assuming you have mining experience and I think you will be pleasantly surprised when comparing it to the crazy command line software I have spent days on frustrating days with. MaidSafe has made it stupid simple (I lucked out and was able to run vaults during tests) to run a vault on any OS with just click and go.

Did you create another account @chrisfostertv :slight_smile:. Only kidding.


Hi MrAnderson,

I learned about this project via the Internet and I’m pretty exited to witness what the outcome of this project can be. I’ve got several computers and free storage that can be shared on the SAFENetwork (not SafeCoin xD), so that’s why I’m interested in it :slight_smile:

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