Farming Software requirements and setup

I am finding it difficult to find a clear requirement list, for maid safe farming software and best operating systems can anyone please help me find the correct information or step by step instructions

Thanks Alan

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Farming isn’t possible yet, but no harm in preparing.
Farming SAFE coins will be easier than mining bitcoin.

All you really need is harddisk space.

I’ve already put together a rig.

I recommend a rasberry Pi3 with attached HDD. Download
and install the safe software and play around. Eventually
when farming is possible, you will already have a farming device ready to
go. You would just update the software and go.

Rasberry pi3 if you are not familiar is just a very cheap computer running linux, just plug a keyboard and mouse in to it, and connect it to a monitor and internet connection.


Thank you is Pi 3 capable of Raid ?

Apparently, yes.


Here is something to ask Santa for this year…

A software raid is possible, but it would impact the performance drastically (USB2 is capable of 30MB/s, divide this by the amount of HDDs for everything but RAID0 + overhead). But the performance may be high enough for you if your internet connection isn’t that fast (consumer ISP), but RAID scrubs or safenet fscks would be slower.

I own 3 x Banana Pi M1s & and want to run a vault on each of them. Is there a possibility for me not being able to run them due to network limitations? i’ve read that the safenet is going to ban vaults using the same IP address.This could also cause troubles for larger farming operations.

I looked at a leased line 30mbs up and down, can you not have multiple dedicated ip’s on the same line?

Im trying to workout which approach would be best, lots of Pi3 raid setups or run some old cloud blades to start off with

Depends on the provider of that line.

But by the time the SAFE network is going live the restriction on one vault per IP address should have been lifted. That restriction was for testing purposes and limiting vaults per person.

Its likely that the limiting factor is your internet link and the lag times. Also depending on the GET request the lag can vary because of the upstream node’s location in relation to your location.

Also an SSD is likely to be quicker than a raid of disks. Fault tolerance at the vault level is overkill really. The network will detect any errors in a retrieved chunk.

I see thank you for the information so i will get ready my PI3 for testing stage will that be Alpha 3?

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Alpha 3 is the node software without home vaults running on the home computers. So the routing and message passing parts of the nodes.

Now I am unsure if an ARM version will be release of that node software for alpha 3 or 4

OK thanks for the info :wink:

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Sorry, it was one IP per group, not the entire network. There would be no way to transmit such information anyway on a decentralized network (no one has all the information).

Groups will not accept connections from the same IP address.

Ah that is the client side, wasn’t it? I was referring to the vault/node side which was and will be a restriction for a bit and should be lifted during later alphas or betas.

I think there will be some work for the client side since this is the relay node restrictions. There will be I assume a fair bit of work getting the adaptive systems in place to make sure no one client (or IP address) hogs the bandwidth of any relay node. One aspect is to share the bandwidth of the relay node between the clients (or IP addresses) connecting through it. Now a client will usually have multiple relay nodes so even if one relay node has smaller bandwidth the others should pick up the slack.

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