Farming Rig: ODROID-C1

8 - ODROID C1’s
8 - 1TB USB HDD’s
1 - 8 port 600 Watt UPS
1 - 16 port gigabit switch
1 - 7 inch LCD Screen

Build cost, about $900


Pure geek porn…Farmer’s wives really :smiley:


I can’t wait until Testnet3, so I can finally put them to use.

Nice setup, which OS are they running, Lubuntu?

Lubuntu, it runs smooth on the C1.


About the UPS, do you plug your cable modem on it too to maintain an internet connection of just the C1 so they can safely shutdown if you lose electricity?

The purpose of the UPS is to provide surge protection and give the system time to safely power down in case of power failure.

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Thanks for sharing! Your pics are giving me the motivation to revisit my rigs. The battery back up is a great idea. I will put up pictures later of my power plan, but it includes x29 255 watt solar panels that will power my home and farms. I will have back up power from this
At least until Tesla’s Gigafactory starts producing cheap lithium batteries.

Seeming the longer my vaults stay continuously connected the better. How stable do you think the small computers will be? I programmed a Pi to auto-load my miner (butterfly ACIS) with a restart, but I ultimately had to set up remote power restart (z-wave plug) for it because it crashed all the time.

I have their restarts and updates scheduled to be staggered every other day in six hour shifts. This ensures that only one system is down at any given time.

I just wondered if anybody has actually worked out the comparative benefits of either investing in farming rigs now, or buying Maidsafecoin now? Do we know enough inputs to make an educated guess? I believe I read somewhere that on average a vault would earn 800 Safecoin in 1st week with diminishing returns over time - is this correct?

Hedge your bets and do both.

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Lol…I would, but don’t understand the Witchcraft. I could do with a ready to go plug in something with clear instructions - I reckon others might too actually :wink:

There is no clear way to tell. It all depends on network demand. A vault could earn 800 Safecoin in the 1st week or it could earn 8,000,000 in the first week.

Ok, sold…I’ll take 2 of your deluxe models… :smiley:

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Lol :wink:

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I wonder how long you have until you get deranked from being offline. I don’t know if it would be possible to have an extra C1 in standby just to take the load while another reboot to avoid any deranking.

Only one C1 would be down at a time and will be down for less than 10 seconds.


Cool. Looks really nice!
Question; does the Odroid-C1 CPU (Amlogic ARM® Cortex®-A5(ARMv7) 1.5Ghz quad core ) support encryption offloading like AES/SHA?

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One thing I’d like to dive into once testnet3 is up and running is to analyse the break even point for one internet connection. I’m pretty sure that there will be a point when adding more CPU resources will not increase your farming rate any more because your bandwidth is already maxed out. How fast does the CPU need to be? Is an HDD fast enough or will an SSD make all the difference? What about an SSHD?

I have several different machines (including a Raspberry Pi, Odroid C1, quadcore AMDs, etc) at my disposal on at least two different internet connections to help out with that. Interesting times lay ahead of us people.


What’s the price breakdown of all that? $900 total? What’s all that paying for? Aren’t odroids supposed to be cheap?