Farming question - when lots of people only have PC on in evening


a lot of people will turn on their PC in the evening for a couple of hours, then turn off at night.

Will their rewards keep being reset to zero, or is it a sliding scale. If regular has their PC on but also turn off every day would this still be a good contribution to the network?

Its hard to envision them ever getting anywhere.

  • aging will be a big negative
  • Their vault will not get many chunks ever, thus get very few “GET” requests if any.
  • their node is not contributing much at all in the 2 hours the machine is on

So I doubt that they would be a suitable node for the network.

Testing during the alpha and beta stages will inform us much better as to what conditions will result in what rewards.

So I doubt anyone can give you a good indication at the moment other than being on for only 2 hours a day is unlikely to work.


I’m thinking about all the aggregate bandwidth of cell-phones and tablets using high speed NAND that are at home in their charging cradle at night. I wonder if some kind of lesser reward for cache would help. I get the impression that paying too many GETS for super popular cached data and reward imbalances were seen as a security/stability issue. Even so, serving as a cache store does provide a resource, so it seems logical to want to be rewarded for that. @neo, I saw that you were part of some of the cache conversations, can you provide more clarity on the matter?

Now night time. That is like 6 hours minimum for the night owl and up to 12 hours for the one that sleeps in. And for some that can be anywhere from 8 hours to 24 hours per typical day because they are home most days (no job, partner who stays home, at home parent, etc)

I would think we could assume 7-8 hours average for the people who use their phone from almost constantly to constantly. Given the incentives they might put phone on charge while playing their games and increase the time to average of 12+ hours

For most others given the incentives to be on charge we could assume 10-12+ hours on charge. Yes I know they would not charge that much now, but given the chance of safecoin then those who do farm on charge will do it much more.

Now at that number of hours we may see much better chances of farming being successful. I know the aim of the team is to have mobile devices on charge/wifi do farming, so I am sure that there will be either “mini farm” vaults or the vault algo will allow this.

I would say that vaults that meet minimum requirements (on enough to gain age) will be able to be turned off and rejoin without having to effectively restart. So a phone might not do as well (per hour on) as a SBC which “never” disconnects, but at least it will do something.

Will there be any problems with farming over cellular when on charge? I’m in a situation where my cellular data is much faster than my WiFi (120mb vs 5mb!)

Typically cellular does not give enough quota per month for Nodes (vaults). For browsing the safenetwork there is no problems.

I have unlimited data so as long as it’s not hardblocked it should be ok? Unless the routing logic differs substantially in this case

Can I ask where in the world and which carrier gives unlimited cellular?

If you have unlimited cellular then there is no reason this should not work. I think there are a couple of issues with alpha 2 but they are being worked on. To do with the invite system I believe and cellular incompatibilities.

I’m in Hong Kong, my WiFi sucks but cellular is amazing. After 10gb I hit fair usage policy mode but have never be throttled to date and typically do at least 50gb a month


I have unlimited cellular data in Finland with carrier Telia for around 30 €/month. Speed can be around 10 mbit/s. Even more depending on location. It’s not uncommon here.


I have unlimited cellular data as well. For 50 €/month with Tele2 in Sweden I get about 35/7 Mbit/s from my home.


So we have at least 3 places in the world with unlimited cellular. Thats great.

They will need to ensure SAFE nodes/vaults works on cellular