Farming network setup 10tb reward

I am planning on renting storage servers from ovh. The models I will be acquiring come with five 6tb hard drives each. It has 500mb connection with 1gb burst. With lottery system for farming, it will be best to virtualize multiple servers on these machines. I think eight virtual servers per server would be best.
I will have at least three storage servers in my control when farming ensues. But I have no experience really with using servers and I want to offer a slice of each servers potential for help being ready for launch. When test safecoin farming comes I will order one server to start. Then add two more just before full launch.
If this sounds like something worth doing for you kindly reply.
Daniel Ray Waters Hazelton Ortiz


Nice, I’m currently also searching for the best way to farm but have no idea yet …

You actually gonna hire the servers and let them deliver on a physical location at yours?

I was thinking of buying a synology 716+ and 2 HGST Ultrastar He8 because I really like the synology thing, although the things I could see from it online (the platform, packages etc)… but I simply don’t now if this is the best solution because this would really limit the upload bandwith (from home) to 4.2 Mbps @ best.

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I think it might be better to just have multiple vaults rather then split the server into virtual servers.

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