Farming Education

Can anyone recommend some good courses, videos etc on subjects that will help with farming.

Try there’s a number of topics on what is known and likely. The rest will follow as the s/w matures.

this is part of a great series of educational videos about SAFE.

the video is a little old, and there wont be things like Testnet 3 anymore, but much of the info in here still stands:

Thats great but I was more after education in fields like networking or programming if others think that is useful?

Networking or programming skills must not be required for farming. It would make it a specialized activity and that is explicitly a non-goal. The goal is to make it possible for everyone with basic knowledge of any major OS to become a farmer.

The process of farming is well explained on this site (for example in comments under this post here), but you can also read the source code if you want to (on Github).

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Haha I’m sure its not ‘required’ but when I do things I like to know that I am doing them well instead of just tagging along. e.g.

For example you mentioned github. I have had a look at that and it all reads like Gobbledy-Goop to me, which Is why I’d like to learn a little more. Do you know if there are any good videos/tutorials for learning Rust & Crust?

Just google it, man. It’s stuff for devs, not for farmers.

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Here’s an awesome site for techy books. Nothing for Rust though. New languages take a while to make it to print.


This topic is not longer about Farming. Seems to be more about learning Rust. Which is just a simple search away:

I found this topic in just 1 search on the forum.