Farming dependency on upload speed

So I would think better upload speeds will be hugely beneficial if your wanting to run a decent sized farm.

Clearly in some parts of the world upload speeds are great.

It’s just not so from what I can tell in the UK, with fastest upload speed being I believe 30/40 Mbps for home users.

I know latency will affect things, but I’m slightly concerned that that speed will just not allow me to have the farm size I always envisioned having.

Thoughts appreciated.


Maybe you’ll be happy. 40Mbit gives you about 5 chunks/s. I would think no more than 5 nodes would be needed to saturate the link based on cpu, maybe only 1 or 2 depending on hardware.

The next question is what storage size vault will be needed so that you have enough popular chunks to saturate the link. If we presume that each chunk in your vault will on average be accessed once per year (some will be way more, some never), then it means you will need about a 160TB disk array to saturate your link 24/7/365. That’s not an insignificant amount of storage to manage, so it should be fun.

5 chunk/s*365day/yr*24hr/day*3600s/hr *1yr= 157.68 million chunks= 157.68 TB

**assumes a standard 1MB chunk size.

10 of these will cost you about $3.5k at current prices:


I’m working on trying to roi on some gear currently.

It is what it is, but I was hoping to be in the PB range at least.

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What I wrote above was just a basic guess. We’ll see how things turn out in beta. A gigabit connection will likely get you what you want though following similar logic to that shown above.


Even GB home service in UK has the same upload cap as far as I can tell.

I saw someone on fb who works in the industry explaining its the infrastructure.

In Australia a GB connection does not improve the download. The normal NBN connections have the top tier at 100Mb/s down and 40Mb/s up. THe 1000Mb/s down does not improve it and if I remember correctly is actually lower up.

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Wow that’s worse than here.
I pay for 350 and normally get around 180 down 35 up, if I upgraded to GB, I could expect 550 down and 50 up.

I have no knowledge of UK plans, but you may need to check for “business” connects to get equal up/down rates. They are not cheap. I would be surprised if there wasn’t a 100 Mbit or 500Mbit bidirectional option available to you for a price.

I’ve been looking and it seems you can get 500 up from 2 companies on home packages but they’re not in my area yet, hopefully in time.

I am waiting on my starlink connection and by reports people are getting between 50/50 Mb/s and 150/150 Mb/s. That is with only the first shell in place. 2 more shells and more in shell 1 will be the full network and the speeds are expected to be much higher.

That is about the only way the general population in Australia will get higher speeds incl upload within the next decade. Yea can get 1GB down if you live in the right areas but its not so much use since the up isn’t increased.