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By the way,how can I get some MaidSafeCoins? I saw some people are talking about storing their MaidSafeCoins. Where are they get these coins?Would you mind telling me some information,please?

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They are a omni-token that will be exchanged one for one with safecoins when safecoins are in the live network.

These tokens are stored at a BTC address and need some BTC for the btc transaction used to move them.

You can buy them at a few exchanges. and are two of the more known exchanges.


Well,thank you for your information.


What is the minimum amount of bitcoin needed to transfer an Omni asset? Iā€™d like to know if I need to top up my Omni addresses and make a decision to either do that now or wait in the case bitcoin price goes to high?


Somewhere from 0.0009 upwards depending on a few factors.

  • current btc fees needed to get transaction performed in the time scale you want. 0.0009 is slow and sometimes work.
  • number of unspent outputs at the address. Each one will cause the transaction to be larger in bytes and require more in fees.
  • Expect 0.001 to 0.002 during moderate times and unknown unspent outputs count, to take a reasonable time.


The Bitcoin mempool has cleared significantly lately, so at this time anyway Bitcoin (and Omni) transfers can be quite cheap. 10 sat/byte transactions are clearing.


is there a way to consolidate maidsafecoins? i have heard something of consolidating bitcoins to reduce miner fees


Maidsafecoins are stored at a BTC address and effectively consolidated already.

What is not consolidated is the small amounts of BTC used to carry the omni transaction information. And so moving btc requires bytes for each of those unspent btc amounts