Farming at home

It will be possible to farm at home with a simple computer ?

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Yes, but not until after alpha 4 I think. Certainly not during alpha 2 to alpha 3.


Great news thanks to reply…


Any tips on hardware. Should I run out and buy an arduino or raspberry pi? :grinning:

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There is a big thread on farming hardware. Raspberry Pi should be perfect.


Happy, would you be able to guide us how to do it? You are the expert here.

I’m not the only person who can help with this, but for now none of us really know - we’ll learn together when we get there, but it is still quite a way off. Getting closer all the time tho :slight_smile:


Thanks Happy for your prompt responds.

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I just Amazoned a pi 3. :grin:


Hi @happybeing, what is the rationale behind not farming in these stages of development?

I think its only a testnet running I could be wrong though. Everything is wiped after a phase is completed.

Only a roadmap issue, if farming was working the network is finished really. Its not finished just yet :smiley:


Why is that you can’t farm at home at current alpha stage?

Because the vault binaries are not released for us to use.

The reason is that this is a network for testing and for developers to program against. And the vault s/w is not yet fully resistant to abuse. There is some testing and work to be done before vaults are ready for community testing.

Vaults at home is expected in alpha 4. Actual farming will not be done till test SAFEcoin is programmed.


First time pi user. Raspberry pi is amazing. Going to buy another one.

My advice to people out there that want to farm. Buy a pi3. Buy an SD card and a hard drive that connects to the pi.

Install Linux , and access the test networks from your pi.
When the time comes for mining and the code is released , you’ll be ready to take advantage immediately and will be familiar with how your pi works with the safe network.

You can plug pi in to your monitor or TV, attach a USB keyboard and mouse and an internet connection. Nice.

I’m going to keep my farm seperate from my other computers.

Currently my existing pi is a pi-hole. Won’t need pi-hole services once SAFE launches, eh?

For some reason the way you worded this has me excited.


We’ll wait for that date to happens :slight_smile:

Just wait to engage my beat to farm more safecoins. I want them all. I love safecoin, want them all in my wallet. :ballot_box_with_check:

Hi.Can’t we farm now?


Alpha 4 when its released will allow vaults and technical farming, but no safecoin or testsafecoins yet so no rewards.

Be a while yet before farming with rewards will be available.

Keep up to date with #development:updates An update comes out each thursday GMT