Farming as income?

What level of income do others think may be generated by farming in terms of real world dollar value?

And how likely do we think it will be that Farming would ever replace a job?

I believe the market will drive farming to a break even proposition.

The resources are too abundant and the difficulty is too low for it to generate much premium.


So… don’t spend 5K on a farming rig…? lol

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First mover might buy you some gains. But you might also wind up with a total loss…

The nice thing is that a SAFE farming Rig can most likely be used as a NAS or used in another storage network…

So it’s fairly low risk… Although Moore’s law will catch up fast either way…

But if there is money to be made - there are a ton of people idle computers, GB and bandwidth that will collect it up… You don’t need the latest and greatest ASIC to win coin – so that is probably a good thing… Everybody can play.


And I suppose it depends on number of users/uploaders v farmers.

I predict there will be a massive surplus of farmers as compared with data requirements. Just take a look at your own personal computer, most peoples hold a ton of empty space.

Hey if I can break even for my internet then it’s all good.


That’s kind of my idea.

I need to upgrade my desktop anyway so I figure I drop some money on a good custom built one.

two words, developing world. :slight_smile:


Suggest being modest on extras. Your ISP link speed will have much more effect on your ability to earn max coin, than specialised hardware above the typical “average to above average” new PC.

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100mbps down and 40mbps up :slight_smile:

Ahhh a NBN man cool :smile: :+1:

Maybe a few extra milliSeconds reduction in delays might get you a few extra coin per month/year. But is it worth the extra few hundred dollars.

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Nah man its going to be cheap. In fact less than or similar to what I am currently paying.

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I meant in the hardware of your computer, sorry for the confusion.

Personally I am going to use some very cheap computers $9-40 USD to have a few extra vaults rather than upgrade my adequate PC.

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I thought about that. Couple of R-Pi’s or Droids with external storage but its more trouble than its worth I reckon. Time will tell I guess.

Yea depends on the person I guess.

Being a hardware man its just a little hobby project, but for others its effort for unknown benefits.

A PC can have a few vaults running on it and use very little CPU/memory resources

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Why would you have more than one vault?

It improves the distribution of chunks.

Imagine if you had a 1TB vault that took a long time to fill. Now knowing that on a random distribution there will be cases where your vault is filled with low “performing” chunks (ones that are not retrieved often) and cases where it will be filled with better than average “performing” chunks.

By having multiple vaults then the chance of having all as low performing is many fold less, and overall you will have more consistent returns. Maybe even restart a vault that is low performing.

Also if you have to restart the vault the network will fill your one large vault at the same rate as each of your 1/4 sized vaults. On average you would expect your 4 smaller vaults to fill up 4 times fast than the large vault. That is you would have 1TB worth of chunks 4 times faster with 4 vaults of 250GB each than one at 1TB

Thus you will typically have more chunks stored also, giving greater chance of getting coin.

This is even more important if you turn off your machine regularly (daily, or every few days)

Now there are limits to how many vaults one should have. Each has a performance impact, also the bandwidth to the ISP. More vaults equal more traffic with chunk PUT/GET and caching