Farmbot opensource cnc gardening

This is something I think a lot of folks here will appreciate, I know I do and look forward to building one in the (hopefully) not too distant future :slight_smile: watch the video


I have a forum account with them too.

But I can’t remember, is the hardware open source too? Shows you how to make it from raw materials?

If it was, then it could become very popular

I was about to dig deeper. Software is open source and many parts can be 3D printed or made with laser cutters or CNC machines (which I gratefully have access to) AFAIK. Some hardware such as raspberry pi and arduiono is obviously stuff you have to purchase but a lot of folks are familiar with so. I think this has huge potential for tech/machine savvy people or the villiage :nerd: there are other parts I’m assuming you would have to order as well. I think overall cost is 3-$4,000 if I remember right. For a community well worth it given the minimum effort after the build


Yeah, it is very cool. I’d seen something about this a few weeks ago.It’s great for people with busy lives and no time to get their hands dirty.

Ordinarily I’d jump on any labour saving device. Gardening is one thing I really enjoy though. I’d love an automated weeder like those little automatic vacuum cleaners or lawn mowers, but I love nurturing my plants by hand personally. Weeding and dealing with pests is really the only bit about growing food that I get annoyed with.

On a practical level you’d need a really huge one to grow a decent amount of veg. I grow on hundreds of square metres with a big polytunnel too and it still isn’t enough for the family to last all year on. I also wonder how farmbot deals with height issues for things like beans, tomatoes and corn? Or the fact that many plants much prefer watering from underneath and to keep foliage dry? It looks a bit like you’d really be limited to smaller things that don’t mind being outdoors/wet and with low habits, as in their video example.

All good though. Obviously it is early days and the tech can continue to get a lot better. It is also probably ideal for people who aren’t really into gardening but want their own, home-grown food - which I guess is probably most people lol :wink:

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All great points @jabba, I also enjoy hands on but my geeky side went nuts when I saw this. Hope to see this expand though for the less inclined even though they miss out on part of the beauty of it all but a good way to supplement your food supply with fresh and close grown veg while still tending to wage slave duties

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What I’m really hoping to see is an open source tree-planting-drone forum.

Something that lets people make / 3D print their own drone that can shoot germinated seeds into the soil.

Then anyone can start a guerrilla effort of adding trees to their local area and help stop global warming! Or hire people overseas to man the drones

These are the steps that must be made


While I don’t think that alone would be enough that is such a cool idea! Any other similar ideas? I’m wondering what can be done about the methane problems. The two largest producers of methane are rice paddies and the factory farming of animals. I’ll share a link later of a Canadian company that are scrubbing carbon from open air and can either use it or bury it, a company that I believe bill gates invested in.


Maybe you already know about this one, I got excited by your idea and started looking.
But I see your point about making it easy for the average person as far as open source attachments etc. very cool :slight_smile:


There’s quite an elegant solution for the problem of how to sequester all of those greenhouse gases back into the ground and out of the atmosphere.

It turns out that one of the most effective ways of getting them out also comes from one of those great polluters, grazing animals.

It is relatively simple to use grazing animals to restore the grasslands in desertified areas (they break up the ground and fertilise it preventing the rains from running off and enabling grasses to grow again).

This is probably the most impressive greenhouse gas solution I’ve yet seen. Much easier, quicker and more effective than trying to reforest large areas - although we need to do some of that too ofc and we certainly need to stop chopping them down immediately. We also need to keep a close eye on the oceans… algae and the like are the real ‘lungs’ of the planet.


Yes it is very cool. I could imagine lots of people would get a lot of use out of it. It’s just picked the only chore I actually do enjoy and find therapeutic. Otherwise I’d be trying to build one myself :wink:

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Ah farmbot, I love it!
I hope it works as fine as it seems. I’ll try it once I have a more permanent residence and a huge garden. Been waiting for it for a long time :slight_smile:

Theres also an open source/diy project for all the machines and tools to build an actual town!
Maybe I’ll post it later if I find it.


Yes this sequestration method is rotational grazing! Having the cattle be grass fed in large plots and rotate. Definitely the better alternative as far as cattle and like you said for retraining the soil. I can’t wait till there is more awareness about how important coverage of soil and soil health is very important. Burying rotting or smoldering wood/log into the ground is a great way to enhance the amount of water, nutrients, microbes in the soil by having the super absorbent nature of carbon. Permaculture/food forests are also of great interest to me


GMO (crispr) trees that are designed to suck many times more CO2 from the atmosphere would be a great breakthrough, although just creating some sort of machine that has the same effect may be much easier.

Or some sort of future nanotech but that’s not my area at all :stuck_out_tongue:

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Eventually maybe automated / tele-piloted drones could somehow plant these grass seeds as well, for desert-fighting?

I know it might not be as great as good old cows but it would be much easier and cheaper and if there was a way to automate these processes then everything would happen much more quickly

& once the whole world has internet (Google Loon, 2-way Outernet, Tesla satellites etc) then tele-piloting or outsourcing drone piloting will become crazily cheaper, making these tele-piloted environment-rebuilding robots / drones extremely extremely practical. Any green charity etc with $3k could do much of this once the world is wired for internet

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Right on bro! You’re talking my language now. I’ve surrounded my veg areas with grey and italian alders, russian comfry, bee plants and loads of random permaculture favourites… and 80% of my gardening is done in pure woodchip as of this year (‘back to eden’ style). I line the bottom of my woodchip beds with whole logs, sprinkle some mycorrhizal inoculant and volcanic rock dust on, cover with 8 inches of chip and you’re done. I reckon it’ll be good for at least 10-12 years with no need for anything more than a bit of nettle tea or my wee to kick off the composting process (obvs the chip must be branch chip and have lots of leaf in it).

Anyway, I’m drifting off-topic lol.I just love permaculture, it’s the main reason I moved to the middle of nowhere back in 2011.

/one love my hippy-geek bredren :wink:


Haha hey man I love it gets you so excited, I have yet to put as much into practice as I’d like but am constantly listening to permaculture podcasts and reading on the subject here and there between my other interests. We’re like some punk ass hippy earth lovin mofos aren’t we! :smile:


you can say that again!


My crowd! :tulip::sunflower::cherry_blossom::blossom::rose:

I’m currently planning to move out of the city to the countryside with a couple friends/other freaks and start some sort of commune. I have already planned to build solar panels on all the roofs, collect the rainwater, have bees and chicken and use the farm bot for one of the fields (we’re gonna have a couple, I guess).

Especially for people with physical handicaps, bots/drones/machines like that can help a lot, I guess. I will test it as soon as I can.

That’s where I get off the train though. I’m working for an organisation that analyses GM technology and that shit is not gonna spoil my garden :imp:


specially designed trees that are designed to suck additional co2 (bad stuff) out of the atmosphere.

Yes I’m sure they wouldn’t be good to put around other plants that you care about, but they would be necessary around the world (in carefully chosen plots) so that the earth doesn’t overheat to death :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m totally down with gmo as long as they aren’t patented and don’t mess with heirloom :yum: