False property NOTICE on omni

Don’t know if it was already mentioned before but found this being created last week.

False Token listed by new coins

False Token itself


How and why is it possible to register tokens with the exact same name on Omni?

This means probably that every omni token can be counterfeited? and whoever is doing this won’t use an exchange or maybe start their own counterfeit exchange.

Digging deeper I found this:

Notice at data what it says:
Coin to trick people


hmmm - are you sure the coin has the exact same name …?

maybe there is some invisible character added in front/after the name … that is probably something only omni can answer

Pretty strange, so actually you could pull them with the api, put them in a nice UI, and then sell them for real cash/crypto. Sounds no good.

Yes but the number is different :wink:

To a newby that doesn’t matter they see MaidSafeCoin in a Omniwallet and that’s dangerous for every token. But the question you ask is a good one, we had this conversation about publicID’s that could be the same visually but totally different beneath the surface.

Newbies don’t dig that deep

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but exchanges do

and nobody buys coins outside of exchanges Oo …


hopefully :smile: … (couldn’t choose a smiley now have 2 :laughing:)


but yes … strange omni doesn’t check for too similar looking coins …

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I wish they didn’t, but there is local bitcoins and what’s stopping a person to create their own exchange. Nobody would even notice, when you buy it on an exchange and send it to your omniwallet, your still seeing MaidSafeCoin even when you send it to some one holding the real deal, but there’s where it might get caught.

When the SAFE Network vaults are in people their houses, we should monitor whoever wants to fulfill a BIG order. Maybe the forum should warn about OTC


I find it very useful to warn people about this.
I was surprised about the following statistics about the real MaidSafeCoin (token #3), I’m not sure what “recent” exactly means, but it’s quite impressive I’d say:

Utilization: 51.51% of recent (bitcoin) blocks contained at least one transaction for this property


Apart from the one with #136, I also found this other one with #119 created last Dec 2016: http://www.omniexplorer.info/lookupsp.aspx?sp=119

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Notice there seems to also be a false token on CounterParty … https://blockscan.com/assetInfo/MAIDSAFECOIN and see that description deliberate too.

Tell me about it - I lost ~0.2BTC on that last year…

At least they figure out how to create them.