Fake Schools and Fake Jobs


How do you socialize a ruler’s child. Waldorf: No test, no grades, no homework, 2 hrs of instruction per school day and the rest play. And only one subject is studied at a time for 6 week at time. The kids still get Summers off. Also, given that its a private school any parental displeasure or child displeasure with performance of the school or teacher is corrected. The direction of the feedback flows downward from parent and child to teacher and school.

How do you socialize other people’s children in the American public school system. You offer the equivalent of a plantation starting in the very early grades. Endless tests, grades, the equivalent of unpaid overtime with endless and increasing homework and demands. You endlessly spam the parents to extend the power of supervision to include the parents. You get the teachers into gossip groups so they can hammer down any defiant child or parent with programmed consensus and manipulation. You threaten the child and parent with exile or firing to a more distant school and likely less safe school. You go on and on about performance and productivity. You threaten the parent who has likely already paid the tax with jail for any non attendance of the child at the plantation. This is all designed to condition future workers to allow a petty tyrant employer to exchange tumors for ever more work and profit without end. Finally we make sure our employer class gets to sponsor and filter all votes so that we elect criminal ideology whose only goal is to de fund everything, most of all education, in order to protect extractive profits.

We expect these same dis-empowered, under-educated people with an ever decreasing wage and standard of living to be motivated to generate and buy the products that support extractive profits when the producers are now entitled to collude up the prices because there is no one to stop them. Should the majority of Americans face lives without retirement where the only options are to be cannon foddered, warehoused, tread-milled or wage slaved in some fake job that a machine does better, suffering under what is at best a patronizing baby sitter employer class? Is this sustainable? What is STEM’s performance in comparison to Waldorf?

Although Waldorf tuition isn’t much more than what some states pay per pupil today, public K1-12 education is still the worst its been in possibly a century and funded at its lowest levels in almost a century.


Why are you sending your children to school in the first place. Unschool them at home. School has never been about education but rather about social engineering. The very notion of teaching, of shaping minds, rather than asking those same minds what they wish to learn and pursue and nurturing their natural curiosity and love of learning speaks to this. The very assumption that an authoritative stance is taken in education speaks to the fact it is not education but instead social engineering.


I agree. But it could be better for the children without a choice. It will change.