Failure to connect to SAFE network

just installed safe launcher on Ubuntu 16.10 I get the following when connecting:

DEBUG 20:00:40.767 - Network state change event received :: 1 :: false
INFO 20:00:40.768 - Network connection lost
DEBUG 20:02:12.221 - Restarting FFI client worker handles
DEBUG 20:02:12.222 - Sending message to FFI - d7edaf5a-4c75-46b7-a8bd-eb29fa2a9e43 - reset -
DEBUG 20:02:12.222 - Sending message to FFI - f5ac30f3-6aac-4e63-af8e-15104d15992c - connect -
TRACE 01:02:12.224377607 [safe_core::ffi] FFI create unregistered client.
TRACE 01:02:12.224450746 [safe_core::core::client] Creating unregistered client.
DEBUG 20:02:12.232 - FFI/mod/auth.js - Create Unregistered Client Handle
TRACE 01:02:13.235433030 [safe_core::core::client] Waiting to get connected to the Network…
DEBUG 01:02:23.329079467 [routing::core] Disconnected(6c4dce…) Failed to bootstrap.
TRACE 01:02:23.329232662 [safe_core::core::client::message_queue] EventReceiverThread received: Event::Terminate
INFO 01:02:23.329275626 [safe_core::core::client::message_queue] Received a Terminate event. Informing 1 observers.
WARN 01:02:23.329334852 [safe_core::core::client] Could not connect to the Network. Unexpected: Disconnected
INFO 01:02:23.331170553 [safe_core::ffi]
FFI cross-boundary error propagation:

ERRNO: -15 Operation aborted - CoreError::OperationAborted

DEBUG 20:02:23.332 - Network state change event received :: 1 :: false
INFO 20:02:23.332 - Network connection lost

Any words of wisdom???


I can connect without problem.

Sure you have the last version?

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was on version 0.8.0
Got the proxy lined up and found the links to 0.10.x and it is connecting but i’m getting an error:



This is the reason. .

Same problem:

“Test 15” network is full now and, in practical terms, you cannot upload content anymore.

You can keep trying and hope for new vaults to be added - if you get lucky you will be able to add your content before it runs out of space again.

This was an unexpected situation caused either by an attacker, or by genuine users (maybe the network gathered lots of attention), or by some bug - no one knows for sure.

This kind of situation will not exist on the real network as it will cost money to add data, but as for now, there are no countermeasures for this problem (except for add more vaults/space).

Hopefully tomorrow they will come with a temporary solution for this.

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Even if this situation happens in the real network, it should be a good opportunity to start farming as the reward should be really high I presume, or a good moment to allow more space to be shared by your already farming vault, it’s just one edge case but totally valid I would say.

And BTW, I’m not so sure it won’t happen in the real network from time to time, specially in the early days/weeks/months of the network, there will perhaps be a lot of churning since some people will join and leave after a couple of days as they were just taking a look at it. Who knows, but for sure it’s good that this test case can be now marked as PASS! :slight_smile:


Just creating account and trying to connect to the network with launcher and getting the same “network full” error.
But I just try to log in, not to add some data.
Could someone explain, how it is connected ?

I even run Vault by myself and store 3Gb of data so far, but it doesn’t change anything ((

Why just logging in to the network operation is so heavy ?

Which requires data to be written to the network to store the account details. So if network is full you cannot store the data and thus no account created.

but it is created!
When I try to create again launcher respond that such account alrready exists.
So data has already stored, but launcher failed to get them ((

Possibly only some of the data was stored. And so you cannot recreate that account again, but not enough account info to be able to use it.

may be, thank you for response.
sounds like a bug, what about transactions ?


Yes this could be a bug - please can you report it so the Devs can ask questions if you if needed.

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