Facebook was a Total Info Awareness project?


Was Facebook a TIA project?

Everything about Facebook and its rise screams phony. Here is a firm founded in the heart of the W administration, possibly when the W admin was really beginning to fire up the illegal “Total Information Awareness” program, where the business model was based on rifling through people’s address books and recording all contacts (without permission- people were misled and certainly didn’t understand the ridiculous fine print) and then sending unauthorized false testimonials to every person in their address book saying that person was a fan of sex book etc. A truly psychopathic organization and business model.

We, were never interested in Facebook, nevertheless in the late 2000s we received an email from an acquaintance saying R is a “sexbook” fan says you should join etc. Playing with the links tracked it back to Facebook, but in a way that was somewhat disguised. This lady worked as an oncology nurse in a VA hospital, surely Facebook sent similar letters to people from that organization using her name to hoc its sponsor’s wares? She wouldn’t even know unless someone pointed it out, she may never have heard of sex book. That was Facebook’s business model, the one that it was allowed to balloon up on. Why was that allowed? That’s innovation? Now it’s a mix of spying on people who don’t know any better and shoveling ads.

How did Facebook come to scale? Working laws never would have allowed it. Even after repeated court interventions to get the firm to honor a minimal privacy policy the firm kept wiggling around and finding technicalities to defy both the court and the public. People set a privacy policy but the useless fine print stipulated that Facebook reserved the right to undo their settings (opt them back out of privacy, vice default privacy) if they didn’t manually restore their privacy settings after each so called privacy policy revision.
When Time readers wanted Julian Assange for man of the year the magazine based on its shill editors chose corporate shill Mark Zukerberg. When Facebook was finally listed on the market its stock price relative to IPO floundered and then through some seemingly strange manipulations it leveled out. Is Facebook some Bush Admin Intelligence PR scam, a kind of insurance plan set up by not only enlisting private industry but cultivating fraudulent private industry to distract from government wrongdoing to make it look less like an offense? It’s the kind of business that never should have been allowed.

Interesting also is that Oculus, whose founder comes out of the defense industry and whose co-founder was supposedly killed by a car fleeing police- is purchased by Facebook. It is of course tech related to capturing the senses, which is what Facebook and its sponsor model are about, but it’s still somehow strange. Cofounder prior to working at Oculus was involved with Gaikai- another questionable entity and prior to that founded a firm to hock Adobe’s wares- another sponsor monger. Occulus stuff looks great but why a purchase by Facebook? Was it really just to counter PR around Google Glass? As a spyware, malware company, what the Facebook software really is, its policies made it easier for state spying. Spooks could just use Facebook and likely its many security holes to spy on people. No one that uses Facebook was a likely target but these people might be related to or know know things about people who were/are.