Extinction Rebellion - SAFE SMS Distribution?


I have been away from the forum for a while because of demands from other projects and campaigns - most significantly this year has been getting actively involved with the Australian branch of Extinction Rebellion - set up after the UK group led the charge:

Extinction Rebellion

I think SAFE is one of the components necessary to help save the planet and I have a few projects that are hanging out for it to go live. However I have a technical question about whether SAFE might also be useful for another idea (as part of the bigger picture) that I have:

I want a mechanism whereby a key XR organiser can announce a “spontaneous” Civil Disobedience action to some sort of SAFE app, that will allow the direct SMS of thousands of people to let them know about the immediate action so that they can also participate in it if they are able to. I know commercial organisations already exist that allow for mass SMS distribution so that part of it does not seem difficult - what I am concerned about is keeping the DB of phone numbers secure from surveillance organisations that should not have access to that information.

I am presuming that the storage of such data in the SAFE system is just as secure as any other data and that security organisations would be forced to make use of the $5 wrench approach to get access?

Anyone here interested in helping with such an app? Comments on the development?



Sadly, I don’t think there is much we can do about the climate anymore. We’ll just have to adapt.

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I’m sure you are right - if by “adapt” you mean go extinct in the near future . .

My understanding is that different animal species are going extinct at an accelerating rate. I’m no climate scientist, but my feeling is that this change can’t really be stopped. Many people will die, but it’s not impossible that humans as a species survives. The individuals that manage to adapt and survive may keep the species from going extinct. Mass death and extinction of a species is not the same thing. I wouldn’t like to be around when this mass death of humans takes place, but if there are humans left when it’s settled, those surviving may be better off than we are now, just because there will be more room for them on the planet. There are way too many humans here now.

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You are generally correct.

Some years ago I was doing a PhD in Population Genetics computer models but things got so bad so quickly that it was a waste of time even trying to write up the thesis . .

How many humans survive will depend on how many climate tipping points are reached in what sort of time frame. My (very likely) worst case scenario is that any Northern Summer from now on could release gigatons of methane into the atmosphere triggering a cascade of positive feedback tipping points and then everything goes to Hell leaving possibly NO complex (multi-cellular) organisms on the planet . .

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What do you think about the climate/weather in Finland? Things are going to hell in a handbasket, that’s for sure. Do you think it’s possible it will become colder in Finland within the next hundred years or so? It’s been getting warmer until now. Flora and fauna are changing and we can’t ski where we used to anymore. But what about if the warm Atlantic current gets messed up? Couldn’t that mean a new ice age here? I have no idea of how quickly this could happen.

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Well I am in Australia and am less familiar with Finland but I do know that:

  • The loss of Arctic ice and the release of methane from undersea clathrates and Russian permafrost will probably be the trigger that accelerates the World’s Sixth Mass Extinction and drives it to its logical conclusion - faster than nearly everyone thought possible.
  • It is not impossible that the Gulf Stream could divert because of all the changes - and I would expect then that the climate would oscillate violently between a “Snowball Earth” and a “Hothouse Earth” and the violence of the swings would be incompatible with human civilisation.

Extinction rebellion? As far as I can tell this represents controlled opposition -harnessing energy, promoting fear and despair and critically, broadcasting another subverted ancient rune -.hallmark behaviour of not so secret societies…

“Dagaz is the rune of the awakening, of dawn and of the day rise. The rebirth in the Light. Dagaz also symbolizes the fulfillment at the end of the initiatory path.”

No mention of weather modification in relation to climate change.

No reference to the massive environmental hazard posed by millimeter wave radiation on a mass scale otherwise known as ‘5G’.

I have taken note how the energy companies have capitalised on the ER sentiment by offering smart meters as a route to environmental protection - akin to offering arsenic as a cure for a stomach ache…

More usefully, I am re-posting an appeal from Mark Steele. He is organising a legitimate and helpful campaign to win a landmark case against 5G in the UK

This is an amusing response and not quite what I expected!