External connection to Testnet2


Just to make it clear - will it be possible to connect my node(s) to Testnet2 when it will be up?
We managed to compile Maidsafe project, but to go further we need a connection to the network, as it is not easy to simulate network b ourselves…



It will be a public network with, I understand, a downloadable client and some app(s) that folk who can’t compile will also be able to use. So not just for geeks.


Great to hear! Love to try the software.


Sounds good. Without the need for complicated builds and things like that.


So at the moment testnet2 itself is up, but applications not ready yet, right?




I just read on the latest dev update there are installers. But where are they? (Or are they just now building the installers?) Gah I want them! I want to get using this thing!


I believe the transcript tells what they’re working on, doesn’t mean it’s finished in one week I think.
Hopefully they’ll release them soon though :slight_smile: