Extensions in Firefox 59 | Support for Decentralization Protocols

From https://blog.mozilla.org/addons/2018/01/26/extensions-firefox-59/

Support for Decentralization Protocols

Mozilla has always been a proponent of decentralization, recognizing that it is a key ingredient of a healthy Internet. Starting with Firefox 59, several protocols that support decentralized architectures are available for use by extensions. The newly approved protocols are:

One of my main concerns for the SAFE network is getting a significant amount of adoption. I remember the discussion about the decision to create a custom browser, however, the blog post from above seems to offer a new option. Which, in my opinion, could eventually accelerate adoption.

I’m not sure whether this option is entirely relevant to the SAFE network yet, but it’s at least worth looking into.


A firefox extension to be able to connect firefox to the safenetwork is paramount to MAID’s success.
Remember Network Rule #1: A networks value is exponentially proportional to the number of its users.


I know Maidsafe had security concerns about this approach - if the client is insecure, all the good work getting the data to the client securely is undone.

However, I think that many would be happy to accept the compromise. Perhaps this could be a community initiative if it isn’t a priority for Maidsafe? Presumably, the code being implemented in Peruse could be ported in some way.