Exposing China's Digital Dystopian Dictatorship | Foreign Correspondent

Saw this. Did you notice all those cameras on the traffic poles etc.

But don’t be fooled, other documentaries show the Chinese in general are happy with the controls the government put in place. Its not until they fall foul of them that they change their minds. The culture is really quite different to ours in AU or GB or USA

I mean, this can go SO many ways with it. Are they saying that Credit Score? If it’s money wise, some of us are gonna be rich…

But in all honesty, I feel like we already crossed the lines with data not being sold for money without our own consent.

The culture is different indeed. The amount of surveillance is exploding in all these places. In some ways the Chinese just seem to be more open about it in general, because the culture allows that. But we see the same things emerging in different forms in the west: insurance depending on you submitting to surveillance of your behaviour is one of the ways the west may implement something that in China is being set up by the state.

I’m not sure one is more worrying or sinister than the other. Both seem anti human to me.

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Ah Yes, I wasn’t trying to address that side. But you are very right. Also I am pretty sure that this ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) production was also giving a warning to Australians