Exploring the idea of a free cloud hosted testnet using sn_testnet_tool

They call you for a chat about what your doing with it.


Ego te absolvo. :pray:

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To which the only answer is " World domination, baby"

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That’s Latin for “Don’t forget to add extra garlic” yes?

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Ah, this one presumably https://microk8s.io/ ? I tried that a while ago but didn’t get very far.

No standard Ubuntu apt-get etc etc

Much googling but I cannot find a reliable matrix of supported Kubernetes and Docker versions that play nicely. I have this horrible dread Im going to have to roll back to earlier versions.

It was that or tell them so I can look at porn hub in Saudi :wink:


Busty Burqa Babes?

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The idea of using these guys resources to help the Safenetwork actually intrugues me… :smiling_imp:
The company I work for paid these f*rs more than 2M to develop something that looks like it’s coming straight from the '80…

Do ut des

That’s what I would tell them if they called me…

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Just to offer a bit of a pointer. My advice would be to concentrate more on understanding ELK. When it comes to Kubernetes, DO and all other cloud providers offer hosted versions of it, so you won’t need to do any of your own cluster setup. The cluster will be created using Terraform, but the provider will do all the setup for you.

You can then use Helm to setup the containers on Kubernetes that are needed for ELK.

It’s interesting to setup your own cluster just to understand how Kubernetes actually works, but that’s a little bit of a red herring at this point and not really too important for getting our ELK setup running.


And this is something I think the BGF could be used for, rather than for just simply running nodes.

What sort of cost would it be to run 11 nodes for the starter community test network on non-free instances? For a month say.

DO 4-vcpu-8gb droplets are $40 each per month, that is using the default droplet size.


@Josh how many nodes will run on each? One or is it more

1 on each… 20char.

Edit: the count goes, genesis, node1, node2, node3, so when you say 11 nodes you are actually counting 12 droplets.


Are you able to run on other hosting services. There are cheaper ones that I have used on testnets done by @tfa

Also cheaper if you can use 4GB RAM and 40GB or 80GB disk


Also would a 4vcpu 16GB/32GB RAM run more than one Node?


Personally right now I don’t mind. I am having fun and learning and being helped when I don’t understand, so if starting a few test networks helps the team and keeps us all occupied it is a win all round.

Definitely worth trying other options though, when the tests start running for longer it will be more difficult to justify.
That may be soon, lets hope :slightly_smiling_face:


Could you clarify what you mean by this please? I’m not sure I understand.

It’s not just purely about these kinds of prices. You have to factor in what kind of tooling support is available, e.g. Terraform providers, availability of command line interfaces and so on. Digital Ocean has that support just now.


FYI for future Hetzner has command line access via SSH Dunno about Terraform.