Explanation on Alphas & Timelines

Hi all,

no, I’m not here to ask for timelines :wink: but I wanted to get a bit more clarity on the alphas as they are proposed.

Previous website had an overview showing 5 alphas before beta (can’t find the picture on the new site anymore).

The first alphas made sense to me:

  1. vaults
  2. mutable data
  3. consensus + routing

These 3 things seem to be really big. However, the next 2 alphas as on
4) integrating vaults again
5) test safecoin, live updating, etc.

these things seem to be quite a bit smaller then the first 3 alphas? Am I mistaking? If so, can someone please enlighten me on what the difficult parts of these alphas would probably be? If not, what is the reason to call these different alphas?

Also, just for speculation sake :wink:, using linear regression I suspect beta to be ready in a bit more then 2 years. (alpha 1 was 2 years ago, alpha 2 was 1 year ago and alpha 3 seems to be somewhere in the next few months/ next half year).


You seem to have a fair understanding.

Yes alpha 3 is the bigger one as much is being incorporated into it. Alpha 4 should be a lot quicker as adding vaults back is a less intensive job since it is involving updating the vault software to integrate with the latest API and changes to other modules.

As to safecoin, well its been suggested that they will attempt to get an initial testsafecoin into alpha 4 or maybe even alpha 3.

Won’t work since the team developing the code is a lot larger now since alpha 1 was built and bigger than when alpha 2 was built. And they are still growing the team. The difference though is that preparations of UI and example apps is increasing as the project gets closer to beta.


I’m mostly wondering why we then need an alpha 5 if the amount of work is relatively small in 4? Trying to understand the dynamics of working with the seperate alphas

Yes, I know, but I’d rather anticipate a longer wait then a shorter 1 so I’m not disappointed when it takes its time and can only be happy if it’s shorter.