Explain me pls farming and rewards


explain me please farming and rewards and inflation or deflation.

  1. farmer earn coins = its only move from one wallet to another? Or it just that programmed and therefore its endless coins that can be in network? Probably not no? I heard something about burned coins but not understand that


Theres a set no if coins that will alwsys exist.
Some may be held back for rewards.
Nothing is finalised yet so cant give figures.
Proposed ideas are on the forum if you look.


was this always unsure? Because it seem to me a bit a little problem, you buy token that “promises” some max coin, and then it could be for example huge changed…

We will stick to terms laid out at ipo most likely,

Read here.


There is a max no, i confirmed that.

Sorry for not writing detais, im shattered.

Another thread to read.

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Some of this is still being worked out/implemented.

There are a fixed number of tokens from the start – no change to the total from the beginning, the network can’t create new additional tokens. Most tokens though are not in circulation from the start, and will likely be held by the network and released slowly over time (I don’t think rate is determined yet).

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