Existing software applications on Safe


regarding existing software like Microsoft SQL Server and MongoDB. Can these be run or ported over to Safe or would they need to be written from scratch to allow them to run on Safe?

In the past testnets there was an APP that mapped SAFE onto a drive. So you see your SAFE account storage as if it was a drive. So yes any current program on say windows or linux should have no troubles using your SAFE account as a read/write storage device.

Although database programs may not run as fast as local disk.

SAFE is like a large database key-value type, and so native APPs that utilitise this will be able to run fast.


You may want to take a look at this thread for a native event sourcing database:


Key/value databases will be possible to implement too. Indexing will be key to performance though, due to the remote nature of the data. However, it should be possible to scale linearly.