Evolving Safe Network contractual soft-fork node system .... idea

Random thought after reading about Eth 2.0 stuff.

Ideally, this would happen after we have Safe-compute, otherwise a marketplace would need to be set-up on another platform.

While Safe Network has apps and maybe at some point has at least some minor computing ability, there could be soft-forks of SN that could do much more specialized high level tasks, e.g. Safe-Search - indexing the network and responding to search queries.

Not everyone will want to do such tasks, and while they could be built into the main fork and then activated for some payment from the network, I think that would put the coding load all onto the main safe network team - and limit what could be created.

But if a smart contract marketplace for soft-forks can be created where anyone could create a soft-fork and then put out a contract that verifies the operation of the fork (as part of the contracts duty) ā€¦ so basically, you want to earn some extra coin, you then stake some coin in a contract to run a particular type of specialized soft-fork node and as the contract itself verifies that you are running the node periodically, randomly?, then it pays out to your address periodically. Those using the specialized service on the safe network, pay for its use with funds going to the smart contract.

Iā€™m certain there are a lot of devils in the detail there ā€¦ but that is the gist of it.

The overall thought here is that we could create a really diverse ecosystem of really powerful decentralized apps beyond the capabilities of normal network apps.

Perhaps the smart contract marketplace for such soft-forks is itself run on a soft-fork that itself uses the marketplace!! Recursive soft-forks! I invented it!!! lol

Anyway, just something that popped into my head, feel free to trash it if it sucks, or steal it if it looks interesting.