Evil secret societies

Aah!! It burns!!

Seriously, though, I don’t believe in the effectiveness of curses and blessings. But hey, thoughts and prayers on you too.


My grandmother actually cursed somebody once. She didn’t approve of my uncle’s new wife so, when the woman came to visit her in the hospital, she cursed her from her “death bed”. My grandmother got better and happily told me about it later. Apparently, according to some old Orthodox tradition, a curse can only be removed by the cuser themselves by opening the Holy doors in front of a church altar. “And I ain’t doin’ it!”, she told me (in Russian).

Even my grandmother didn’t believe in any of that stuff, but I guess she figured a death bed curse from an old Russian woman would give the superstitious floozy the willies. I hear it worked. (The willies, not the curse.) :slight_smile:

A few months later my grandmother did die. In some ways it was her that raised me. I miss her.

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Well that is what you may call a hell of a family


You don’t know the half of it. :slight_smile:

It is enough to know you


In some sense I think my grandmother (babushka) is still on topic. Now that I got to thinking about her, I remember she would sometimes do a cross sign over me and bless me, even though she was not the least bit religious. I guess that’s just what traditional babushkas do. Only after she was dead I realized that she could be pretty nasty to people she didn’t take a liking to. She’d had a hard life growing up in an orphanage because her mother couldn’t always afford to feed her. She was more emotional than she was intelligent, and she had no education. But she loved to read, especially the Russian classics.
Люблю тебя, бабушка. :heart: