Evil secret societies

I accept that its been safely airlifted into off topic where it belongs…I wouldn’t have chosen the title as I find it a bit silly but on reflection not particularly misleading…
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Hi @ElsieDee

I can help you create your own forum where you can move your topics. My work will be completely free for you, all that is required of you is to pay for a domain and hosting ($ 6-7 per month). What would you say?

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Hi @Dimitar

I was hoping to find out more about the ‘suspension process’ but my post was removed because apparently it is not appropriate to post a private message suggesting a suspension which I received in response to a public post - It all seems a little unnecessary - I have since received another one informing me that I have been now been officially warned, that suspensions vary in length depending on the amount of “trouble” I cause, and that eventually it will lead to a ban. At this point I am no clearer on the forum protocol for a suspension/suspensions - Perhaps you could help explain it to me in your capacity as a moderator? Understanding the duration and the degrees of ‘punishable offences’ would be much appreciated.

Also, the edit function now only lasts 1 minute every time I post? This has changed recently and I wondered if there has been a change in the system?

Thank you for the kind offer of creating my own forum free of charge - that would be great. I haven’t got any plans to leave this one as I appreciate all the other members here - but it would be really interesting to know more about how forums are constructed and a fiver a month (whilst there is a functioning economy) to keep it online (whilst there is still a functional internet to host it on) sounds very reasonable.

I’ll start another thread to discuss the construction of a new forum to avoid further derailing this one - and a separate one to learn more about the type of suspension system installed on the safe network forum which whilst prone to a little cliquery definitely doesn’t belong in a thread about ‘evil secret societies’!

Thanks again for your input. See you on another thread!

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yeah, no. As a freemason, I can say categorically he’s full of sh!t. And I’m acutally a freemason in Australia, so I can speak to his BS. We are dying out. There are hardly any young freemasons - I’m in my 50’s and I’m the youngest member of my lodge by far. No chance that we are taking over the world in our walkers. lol. What do we talk about in our “secret meetings”?

  1. the month to month business of any organization (how broke we are, the bills for maintaining our lodge and it’s leaky roof and issues with the dinner caterers.
  2. We perform or practice the ritual “plays” (which are word for word all online) and these are what people refer to as our “secrets” lol.
  3. After the meeting we sit down for a meal together and tell old man jokes.

My lodge is about to consolidate with another lodge as we don’t have enough members to justify keeping it going. The building will be sold off. This is happening everywhere around the world as kids are playing video games instead of meeting up with their neighborhood elders like they did prior to the 1970’s … yeah, that’s how long it’s been dwindling away.

So ruling the world? right. yeah, that’s happening.

Don’t believe me? Go to a lodge near you and talk to a brother. We aren’t that secretive. If you have known a mason for a year he can recommend you to join and you can learn all of our horrible secrets (that you can find online) for yourself. Yes, you too can go all the way through the sub-lodges and become a 33rd degree mason.

If you are young enough, you might get to the honored final mason on Earth.

Edit: BTW, freemasonry is open to all religions (you only have to profess a belief in god, and you don’t have to explain what god is or means to you). Further, > 90% of all members I’ve ever met are Christians. This guys narrative is straight out of Pike’s handbook for slandering freemasonry I’d guess. He knows nothing firsthand about it.

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Could it be that there was a split in the organisation at some point in time?

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The usual “nothing to see - please move along” from those of the craft. If only we could believe you were all on the square.


It has evolved. There are differences in lodges, particularly internationally. Freemasons are encouraged to visit other lodges and we are organized around the ideas of learning, personal growth, and charity. There are dozens if not hundreds of websites made by freemasons that delve into it’s history. Here’s a couple:


You’ll notice how technically primitive most masonic sites are … that’s because we are filthy rich, but horde all of our monies in vaults in the hollow earth and it’s hard to get all that wealth as we have to make agreements with the mole-people. So we can’t easily afford to hire web developers to build nice sites for us … sorry about the sarcasm … actually we are just average people and yeah, we don’t have any large sums of money and if we did we’d give it to a charitable cause - BTW, charity is our biggest secret - seriously. We are supposed to be humble and not mention our charitable work/efforts. So I’ll probably be murdered soon as I did promise under penalty of death not to reveal that. Again, sorry for the sarcasm.

Happy researching - those websites are good and most masons are NOT sarcastic and nasty like me :wink:

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I will finish the 5h long video and come back with questions if i have them :+1:t2::+1:t2:


FWIW, I believe you, @TylerAbeoJordan. I’m not interested personally, but I understand it’s not a bad organization.

That sounds like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). :sweat_smile: Also not a bad organization. But different groups can be different.

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I didn’t watch the video for obvious reasons. My Godfather was a Freemason and wanted my dad to join but he declined saying his dad would turn in his grave (a union man who stood for Labour and I think was a communist). My Godfather was a narcissistic arse IMO, but not someone intent on ruling the world. He also had a good heart.

A few years ago I was in a men’s group during which one of the men began as a Freemason. A thoroughly decent guy and again not someone who I would have any problem with our suspicions about based on getting to know him and share in his journey.

Not a lot to go on, but having taken part in various kinds of groups, secrecy is a necessary part of creating a cohesive and safe environment for intimacy, healing and growth. Ritual too is valuable. In men’s groups this fosters brotherhood, bonds of trust and mutual respect even with brothers you don’t know because of what you know about a man who has taken part in the work, the rituals and learned communication skills, respect, integrity etc.

Obviously this can be corrupted into scratching each others’ backs as is often portrayed in fiction, no doubt with some truth in it but I’ve never experienced that. The group’s I’ve taken part in had core values that would not show this.

I’m inclined to believe Tyler’s account, although I expect there are areas where freemasonry is doing a bit better. I know of other groups that foster growth in men, women, and mixed gender societies and have experienced this kind of work in more than one. Always it was extremely well done, very valuable to me and many others who I met in those contexts. Along the way I’ve also mixed with people from other similar kinds of group.

But from outside you get suspicion (what, you get naked / do intimate things so it must be about sex, abuse etc) and sensationalism / fantasy. It’s a shame because that puts people off exploring and improving themselves. My very limited understanding of freemasonry is that this is what it is about. Personally I’d choose other societies over that, but not because it’s evil or suspect to me, I just have explored a different path based on what I needed.

I urge everyone to not believe what they read on the web or newspapers etc about this kind of work. Newspapers are frequently about control, not fostering growth and autonomy. Don’t be reluctant to check something out for yourself for fear of what others might think. You be the judge.


I wrote an essay on witches and satanism for Swedish class in junior high school, partly to annoy my religious teacher. As I recall, she still had to give me a decent grade, because my spelling was good and the facts were correct. Apparently satanists have “grottos” instead of “lodges”, and I’m sure those can be different too. Some are probably little old ladies sitting around knitting and drinking coffee with a statue of Baphomet on the table. Others may be younger people smoking weed and having sex. Some satanists, specifically The Satanic Temple (https://thesatanictemple.com) do charity work.


Good to see another discussion about this subject on this forum - more people everywhere are beginning to scrutinise freemasonry, its connection with the creation of a NWO - and its origins as a self supporting construct of the ‘Venetian black nobility’…

Just to recap:

Speaking of which…I’ve got to organise some provisions before the upcoming WEF derived ‘cyber pandemic’ collides with the covid ‘vaccine’ derived surge in mortalities mistakenly attributed to a new variant…I suspect ‘operation dark winter’ is going live this year so going round in circles attempting to explain the minutae doesn’t seem like a good use of time or energy…

Regarding Altiyan Childs revelations…

So not a fan of the video but at least it has encouraged debate on the subject - there is more sophisticated source material available for those who are genuinely interested - I always recommend David Livingstones’ factually and historically excellent book - ‘Terrorism and the Illuminati - a three thousand year history’ which unlike Juri Lina’s ‘Architects of Deception’ manages not to roll out tropes about ‘Jews’ being responsible for the NWO - when its clearly the Venetian black nobility - they appear outwardly satanic - which whilst correct is a gross simplification. The invisible sect follow a doctrine which is essentially an amalgamation of Sabbatean-Frankism, Jesuitism, Luciferianism and red hat sect Tibetan Buddhism - though there are some who adhere more specifically to each…Saturn worshippers in their various forms…

Its a very toxic subject but a bright sunny day out - I’ve got to focus on some preparation too so will make an excellent choice and leave this here for now…wishing everyone well. Have a great day!

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I am really happy to hear about the blooming well-doing of the satanic sect. Bless you.


Aah!! It burns!!

Seriously, though, I don’t believe in the effectiveness of curses and blessings. But hey, thoughts and prayers on you too.


My grandmother actually cursed somebody once. She didn’t approve of my uncle’s new wife so, when the woman came to visit her in the hospital, she cursed her from her “death bed”. My grandmother got better and happily told me about it later. Apparently, according to some old Orthodox tradition, a curse can only be removed by the cuser themselves by opening the Holy doors in front of a church altar. “And I ain’t doin’ it!”, she told me (in Russian).

Even my grandmother didn’t believe in any of that stuff, but I guess she figured a death bed curse from an old Russian woman would give the superstitious floozy the willies. I hear it worked. (The willies, not the curse.) :slight_smile:

A few months later my grandmother did die. In some ways it was her that raised me. I miss her.

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Well that is what you may call a hell of a family


You don’t know the half of it. :slight_smile:

It is enough to know you


In some sense I think my grandmother (babushka) is still on topic. Now that I got to thinking about her, I remember she would sometimes do a cross sign over me and bless me, even though she was not the least bit religious. I guess that’s just what traditional babushkas do. Only after she was dead I realized that she could be pretty nasty to people she didn’t take a liking to. She’d had a hard life growing up in an orphanage because her mother couldn’t always afford to feed her. She was more emotional than she was intelligent, and she had no education. But she loved to read, especially the Russian classics.
Люблю тебя, бабушка. :heart: