European Human Rights Court Deals a Heavy Blow to the Lawfulness of Bulk Surveillance

The European Court stands up for citizen privacy again…

European Human Rights Court Deals a Heavy Blow to the Lawfulness of Bulk Surveillance - Just Security

TL;DR surveillance must be targeted at an individual or premises. This rules out all those bulk collection schemes currently in use by UK, France etc and much of the Investigatory Powers Bill currently going through the UK Parliament.


Yeay" way to go ECHR! Galloping in on it’s white steed once again! :smiley:

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Concept of “civilization” emanates from Europe once again.


And states will agree that its illegal and say they stopped it and a few years go by and we realize they never stopped it and they have some bs secret law that allows them to do it and their lame excuse is that they have to do it because if they don’t it won’t stop others but their whole point of doing it is getting dirt on people and being able to blackmail and present things out of context to the public.

Three pronged approaches is needed. 1. Dejure legal proclaimations especially after every false flag bit of terror, because false flags are used to say the spying should be legal or that crime should be legal. 2. Widespread crypto system that makes it impractical for them to be other than transparent. 3. Same system and better laws used to kill off in every way humanly possible (civil/criminal and tech practicality) puppet media. Most of this stuff comes down to simple greed and fear, especially terror. Some don’t want to pay taxes, or a living wage so we get terror and terror states.

I think my cultured European, sophisticated, enlightened, refined, gentlemanly, decorous and polite posts on this forum will attest to this notion.
BTW….for those that don’t know, Manchester, UK has been voted “European Capital of Culture and Sheer Brilliance” 27 years on the trot……I’m almost sure. :smiley:

And those refined Mancunians know what they’re doing when they vote in elections like that. :smile:

Actually, the folks from Manchester that I’ve known actually are a cut above in civilized manners.

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