European country wants a national crypto currency

Look at the performance of fiat - it’s a no brainier to change to crypto.

I think there is a closing window of opportunity to get rich and profit from crypto. Once nation currencies are backed by crypto the exchange rate from traditional crypto to nation currency will be stable.

The first country to do this will become rich.

I’m going to buy.


Have you been following the Ethereum hacks? I can already see it, let’s hardfork to give people back their estcoins LOL, huh you mean to say that I now have 2 estcoins? Yeah you guys do, but not the people who got hacked! ERC20 tokens (estcoins) have tx costs above $0,30 per/tx, pretty expensive when your use to free with the banks for national tx’s.

It doesn’t make sense for rich/wealthy countries to do this, because they’ll get their trillion dollars hacked and airdropped to everybody in the world. :stuck_out_tongue::clap:

For these countries it does make sense to have an own cryptocurrency/ico. Even print enough to pay your debt with the IMF, with an ICO of a million $, your token is good enough to show up on coinmarketcap and exchanges :rofl: Some poor countries can maybe even back their tokens with their natural resources :wink:

Fun fact
Gnosis can become a central bank, they hold close to 9M Gnosis tokens that they can lend to poor countries :whale:

Why do they need an ICO to have a crypto?

Just make it, Estonia. It’s free software.