EU seeking to break up Google- presents opportunity


So the EU wants to break up Google. This is fantastic. Even if they dont suceed they can do things by tax, tarif or injunction which would shrink Googles marketshare and revenues by a good bit communicating to the world through the dusciplin of a transnational that money and business are definitely not the highest value.

But morr importantly it has a chance to really KO Google by setting up a chance to set up a honest accountable search that is uncorrupted by the fatal conflict of interest brought in by being fueled by ads and sponsorship. Sponsored media will bring on useless violence inducing sponsored government and intollerable rule by inbred money. Sponsored search is worse. Thr point of search is to find what you need and not be carefully mislead over important stuff due to the conflict franchise. Implicit bribery should not enter into search.